Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I Love Lately...{Owls!}

Oh! Hey There!
How have you been?!
It's been a while...
 Well, it's been a day that I haven't posted...
But I'm having bloggy withdrawal!

...and then I got an idea this afternoon!

Which made me think about...
What I Love Wednesdays!

Which made me think how much I like "What I Love Wednesdays" with lollipops and how could I have even thought of not posting this week?!
{I know, Pidg, my strike didn't work!  I don't wanna hear "I told you so!"}

I've been swamped at work and on top of that it's a short work week at the end of the month...but I worked my bootie off on Monday and Tuesday...and you know what?!  I deserve a little somethin' that makes me happy...and
Blogging & Owls (lately) make me happy!
{Letting Out a Deep Huge Breath}
Ah, that feels better.

~ Nay ~
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Pidg said...

Yay for you posting and yay for owls! Oh, I love owls back when they're weren't in! What?! No, I don't want an I told you so...just a "Pidg you're so smart" will do. {snicker} I just meese you that's all!

mama marchand said...

I DESPERATELY need that owl sweater. I have owl slippers to match it that my MIL made! :)

Frugal Big Girl said...

I am in LOVE with that owl sweater! I'm so happy that owls are in, because I love them so much =)

I thought I was following hun, I am now =)

Mamma of the Papada's said...

love the owls!! I'm a new follower via soleil selene!!