Thursday, October 6, 2011

You're just a tunnel away ; )

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How wonderful would that be?
I often have this running wish with my BFFL, that if life were exactly the way it was supposed to be – she’d live right next door in the same block with everyone else we love.  How awesome would that be?  But, if I really think about it, everyone I care about is just a tunnel away – phone, email, text…

And with this new blogging family I have found – this community – it’s the same, right?  You’re just a comment or email awayJ

Talk to you all soon –
~ Nay ~
PS: Arm and shoulder are getting better – thanks!!

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Pidg said...

Sorry...I'm not satisfied with your sweet words. I want the tunnel. {Going to kitchen to grab a plastic spork} And a tunnel to Souplantation while we're at it! :D

Salena @ A Little Piece of Me said...

Haha! I totally did not know you posted this. :) I shared the same one on Friday. Andi is my inspiration behind my post. :)

chelsea {joy} said...

LOVE it!!! i still think it would be so much fun :)