Monday, November 28, 2011

{#10} "Check Her Bloggy Out!!" {A New View 365}

Happy Monday!  I hope your hearts {and especially your bellies!} are full from the past Thanksgiving Day long weekend....

So, here we go for this week's edition of
"Check Her Bloggy Out!!"
with blogger-ette
A New View 365

I found this wonderful chicky through Lena and their "32 While 32" posts.  One of the points on her list was to reach 50 followers (#17) I had to ask her to be on so we could "check her out"...of course!!!
Have fun getting to know her!

*who am i*
Hello! I’m a 32-yr-old tattooed, crafty girl living with two adorable fur babies! Martha taught me everything I know about baking. I’m obsessed with fun tights and sparkly nail polish! I love red wine {or any wine really lol} I work in a corporate job and try to let my creativity shine through at every possible opportunity. My reports tend to be very colorful! My friends mean the world to mean and as their families grow we all change and adapt. I put a special effort into being the best “Aunty Brooke” that I can be.

*what’s my blog all about*
I originally started this blog in February with the idea of doing a photo a day for a year challenge. I thought starting one of my own would be a great way to add something new and fun in my life. I have struggled for the last year and a half with depression {I prefer to refer to this as “dark blue”}. Taking a photo a day would help me focus on the things I do have {as opposed to those I don’t}, the things that bring me joy and that I’m grateful for. Well, over time this little blog has morphed into so much more then that! I admit I have not taken a photo a day but what I’ve found in the process means so much more to me then being able to say I was “successful” with the challenge. I’ve found who I am, my voice, my style and a confidence I’d been lacking for a long time.

*what are my plans for the blog*
To continue discovering the things that makes me happy. Continuing to make new blog land friends. Hopefully one day meet some of you in real life. I’d also really love to get into doing blog design. I’ve just signed up for a college course that will work towards a diploma in Web Design! I’m pretty excited about this. If that can lead to being able to do design work for others how great would that be!
{um, Brooke, you can experiment with my bloggy - hint hint}

*yummiest food experience*
How do I pick just one?!?! The most recent EPIC food experience was a concoction I made this summer at the cottage. It’s tradition in our family to make s’ mores around the campfire. We often change things up by adding different ingredients. Well my fave this summer was made with graham cracker, peanut butter, perfectly golden toasted marshmallow, BROWINE, more peanut butter and lastly the top graham cracker…..sigh…. EPIC I’m telling you :)
{pass that over, really, NOW}

*the one thing in life that makes me happy daily*
That’s easy! My fur babies! Call me “Crazy Cat Lady”, I’m actually getting more comfortable with that title LOL I have had Milo for 4 years now and Matilda joined our little family about a month ago. She’s just a doll and has added the perfect dynamic to our little house. They bring a smile to my face when nothing else does. They cuddle with me when I’m sad or when I’m happy. They are always excited to see me when I come home and all they ask in return is a little love and some food :)

Thanks for stopping by, Brooke! And welcome to the blogger-ette family:)
Now, let's get this girly to 50 {or more, why not?!}, people : )
~ Nay ~

ps:  I'm over at Elf House Chronicles today as a Meet & Greet November Sponsor:)


Pidg said...

Hi Nay! {waves wildly} I wanted to drop in and pretend I'm home all the time like the "old days" :) I miss you! I like this Brooke chickee :D I def visited and followed. I like the EPIC s'mores...I'm feeling that right now

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Love Brooke!! She's a bloggy bestie! :)