Monday, November 7, 2011

{#7} "Check Her Bloggy Out!!" {Elf House Chronicles}

I was introduced to this blogger-ette through Lena @ Mom2MemphisandRuby.  See, Lena started an "accessory" swap and I joined in on the fun!  Another way to meet bloggers, right?

I'm excited for all of you to meet her with me...

Manda Jane
(pictured here w/ her Prince Charming)

 and the newest member of
“Check Her Bloggy Out!!”

Who Am I??
 I'm a 30-something gal living in East Texas, working a full time job and investing a lot of time in a new Etsy shop and new blog! I am a brand new step-mom to 4 kiddos (ages 10, 13, 14 and 16) - which has proven to be an adventure in itself. I live with my very own Prince Charming, our kids (which we have full time) and 3 little fur babies (Sullee, Sushi and Boo). I work in a roofing company full time as a bid coordinator, but my real passion is creating custom jewelry and thrifting to find forgotten treasures that can be upcycled and re-purposed. I love Alice in Wonderland, zombies, anchors and I'm a self-confessed purse hoarder.

What’s My Blog About??
My blog is a hodge podge about everything - but mainly my life and the new direction it is headed. I have a newly blended family, including 4 step-kids. Every day is a new adventure and I have lots of fun stories I share. I talk about the good and bad days. I talk about things I love. I talk about my Etsy shop. But mainly I share the chaos of my life + 4 kids + 3 dogs + 1 fella!

My ‘A-ha!’ Moment??
I've never been married and have no 'biological' kids of my own. I moved off and was a college girl and career gal 10 years before deciding to move back to my hometown and settle down and build a house. I've always been extremely independent, stubborn and selfish! My friends would agree. I'm weird about my space and have a few OCD tendencies. So at 31, when Prince Charming came into my life with 4 kids, everyone thought 'this will never work.' But I knew, the first time he brought the kids over to the house, and we had cooked dinner and mowed the yard and were sitting around the kitchen - talking and laughing and cracking jokes... 'this is how it's supposed to be. this is what family is.' 4 months later they all moved in. And we are currently working on our 'happily ever after.'

Happy & Sane??
What keeps me happy and sane? Well, as you can imagine with my house full, there is hardly a dull moment. Our life is fueled by daily choas.  I always joke that I'm the 'coordinator of chaos.' What keeps me (and Prince Charming) happy and sane is taking one weekend a month and getting out of town or planning something special that is just for 'us'. It keeps us sane and keeps us in love! We might go the casinos in Louisiana or take in a professional sporting event. Sometimes it just means getting the kids to friends houses for a night and ordering in pizza and watching a movie!

Wanna know more about Manda Jane?? Go to...

Thanks so much for coming to visit, Manda Jane : )
I know a little more about you and am looking forward to the swap-aroo!

Thanks everyone - See ya tomorrow!
~ Nay ~

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Pidg said...

Loved this! I left a comment for Manda Jane on her bloggy...I really stopped back by to say HI NAY! I miss you! I love you to BIG pieces {wink, wink} ;)