Monday, November 14, 2011

{#8} "Check Her Bloggy out!!" {I Hate Mondays}

It's Monday!
Aren't you thrilled?!
Oh, come on : )  You know you are!
You know why?

It's time for
“Check Her Bloggy Out!!”
and I am very happy to introduce our newest member of the blogger-ette family...
queen of rainbow

She's a busy bee, but had a moment to stop by and say that she's a "pretty crazy girl"! 
AND she's my first UK blogger-ette...Brilliant!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

~ who am i ?
hi! i'm a pretty crazy girl with passion and a blog. and i don't tolerate capital letters
i really want to be a fashion designer so i design and make some of my own projects now. beside fashion i love photography and writing. my friends call me crazy ginger with her own vanguard world :)
~ what’s my blog about ?
as i said it's about my own fashion, my world, and what i think about it. i love writing! i started it because i wanted to share my passions and after i closed my previous blog i felt that i was missing something in my life. several very important things happened in my life at that time, i couldn't stand the pressure, and i wanted to let my emotions out. and of course i want to communicate with other people in this world and with the same interests as me :)
as for now i don't really have any plans for my blog. i just want it to be successful and readable. and i just want to keep writing.
~ a-ha ! moment
my own a-ha! moment... pretty hard one. it was during my summer holidays and i was just sitting with my best friend-mint taste (he takes some of the photographs on my blog)- and drinking coffee. while we were talking i realized (it hit me quite hard) that i really need to help myself become somebody in the fashion world, nobody will to that for me. in 20 minutes i started a blog i just can't stop myself from writing it :)
~ what keeps me sane and happy ?
first thing: i'm insane :)
but the things that keep me happy are
my friends and family
my passion
and that everyday i discover something magical and wonderful in this crazy world :)

queen of rainbow
Thank you so very much for stoppin' by, QoR! {yes that's my nickname for you now...mwah!} If you'd like to see and read more about this blogger-ette, check her out here, too:
twitter  fashionbyOM 
pinterest queenofrainbow 
blog lovin' i hate mondays

~ Nay ~
would you like to be a blogger-ette?
i’d love to feature you here…contact me!

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