Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Crotchet & Knitting Me Some L♥ve

So, little weird, but Miss Krystina from ♥lollipops kinda wrote about the same thing on her posty today on her wonderful meme,
What I Love Wednesday!
but i don't think she'll mind 'cause she's cool like that {all of us california girls are!}

so, I'm on my knitting & crotchet kick again and i found all these fab pics on the awesomeness called pinterest {don't know if you've heard about that one}.

and now i wanna learn it all!
Source: via Renee on Pinterest

this scarf would be so delicious in mustard yellow or grey, right?

and just found out this stitch is called either the broomstick or peruvian (!) stitch...cute, huh?

or maybe i can make these for friends this xmas - a take on the friendship bracelet yet not so high-school-ish...

oh, does anyone have a cool {preferably free} tutorial to show me how to make tiny flowers?  {a craftilicious babe i know would like some and wouldn't it be nice to make her some? awwww...}

thanks bunches and bunches for stopping by for mylollipopspost...
so nice to have you!
~ nay ~

and as Miss Krystina would say, “What are you loving today?”


Ly said...

That red scarf looks amazing.


Pidg said...

Oh make me the broomstick bracelet for Christmas..fitting right? LOL That's a hint yes? ;)

Natassia @ Nat's Knapsack said...

Oh I want so badly to learn to do this some day!!

Lindsey Leitner said...

I really want to learn how to knit and/or crochet! I have bought books but I think I need to take a class!

Great finds!

Dawn said...

I need that red scarf in my life!

Stopping by from Soleil Solene. :)

Nicole said...

tita renee- if you sign up on (free, of course), there's a bunch of free patterns for knitting and crotcheting ANYTHING! even flowers! it's amazing. it's where i got all my xmas present ideas hehe