Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dishin' It with Chef Marco {4}

Good Morning My Wonderful People!
I'm handing my bloggy over to Chef Marco today! {Don’t worry, I’ll be back tomorrow!!}
He has an awesomely yummy recipe again along with a little history lesson {and} a new take on the Thanksgiving meal (!)

Have fun with our resident chef
as he takes us on another fabulous culinary journey!
Bon Appétit!
~ Nay ~

Roasted tenderloin of beef
With saffron risotto and hollandaise sauce
Serves 2-3

• 2lb whole beef tenderloin
• 1cup raw Arborio rice
• ½ small onion diced small
• 8 cloves of garlic minced
• 2-3 oz white wine
• 2 ½ cups of chicken broth
• 1oz shredded parmesan cheese ( not powdered )
• 2 Tbls chopped cilantro
• ½ pinch of saffron*
• 3 egg yolks
• 6-8 Tbls of clarified butter
• ½ the juice of fresh lemon
• ½ cup plus 2 TBls of olive oil
• Salt and pepper
• 1pint water
• 1lb or 1 bunch large asparagus

For Tenderloin:
Marinate tenderloin with 4 of the 8 cloves of garlic ½ cups of olive oil, 1 tbls salt and 1 tsp pepper, preferably over night or at least a couple hours. Preheat oven at 375 degrees, in a smoking hot pan, sear tenderloin on all sides and transfer to a baking pan. Cook tenderloin for 20-25 minutes. For medium rare 125 degrees, medium 145 degrees, well 165 degrees. Meanwhile….

For Risotto:
Bring the chicken broth to almost a boil and leave broth on low heat. In a sauté pan on high heat, add 2 Tbls olive oil and sauté diced onions and remaining 4 cloves of garlic for about 1 ½ minutes. Add Arborio rice and saffron and toast for about 2 minutes. Deglaze pan with white wine and reduce about 1 minute. “This part of cooking risotto is very important”… add “hot” chicken broth little at a time, very frequently stirring risotto. If you turn your back on the risotto for to long you will burn it!! Also... The broth needs to be “hot” to keep the cooking process going. If you use cold or room temperature broth it will stop the cooking process and resulting with a terrible risotto. If you add all liquid at once you will most likely come up with soup! So it’s very important to add the broth little at a time and almost constantly stirring until rice is cooked. You want to make sure that all the liquid has evaporated once the rice is cooked and this is also why you add broth a little at a time. Turn flame off and Finish risotto with the parmesan cheese, chopped cilantro, salt and pepper to taste.

For Hollandaise Sauce:
In a small sauce pan add 1 pint of water on bring to boil then lower to a simmer. Put the 3 egg yolks in a small stainless steel bowl. Whisk the yolks and fresh lemon juice together. Place the stainless steel bowl over the pan with simmering water. Make sure you are holding the bowl with a towel because you will burn your self. Whisk the egg over steam for about 15 seconds then take off the steam pan continue whisking and adding about 3 TBLS of the clarified butter. Repeat process and cook eggs over steam for another 15 seconds, taking off steam pan and whisking in another 3TBLS of clarified butter. Repeat process once again. The finished product should be nice and fluffy. If it’s not fluffy you most likely need to cook the eggs longer and add more butter.

Chef’s Notes:
This is an easy dish to make. The most difficult part would be the HOLLINDAISE because if you leave over steam to long you will make scrambled eggs!! In cooking terms, to cook over steam is called a double boiler. It means to cook with steam not direct heat. You would melt chocolate the same way. If you were to cook over direct heat you will burn the product. VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you rest any meats for at least 10 minutes before slicing it. This way all the juices stay in meat. If you cut the meat right away when it comes out of the oven, you will lose all the juice and resulting in a dry over cooked product! I like to rest mine for 15 minutes. This way I know for sure the juices have rested all the way through the meat. 

a little 411 on Saffron:  Saffron comes from the crocus sativus flower it is the small threads found in the pedals of the flower. It’s mostly grown in the Mediterranean and is distributed mostly from Spain and has many benefits!! Take some time and research it. Some benefits consist of…
• Weight loss/ reduced appetite
• Relieving symptoms of PMS
• Prevention of... breast, skin, and general cancers
• Prevents depression
• Protects the heart from diseases.
And much more, really look into it, its amazing where it comes from and the history. AWESOME!!

There is though a "not so good benefit" to saffron. It is the most expensive spice in the world. $50.00 per ounce, there is 28.35 grams in an ounce which would add up to $1.76 per gram. Yikes!!! You could find cheaper saffron but the product is not all that great. You can find saffron at Whole foods markets or Spanish and Indian specialty stores.

Thanksgiving Suggestion by Chef Marco…Instead of buying a ham, why not buy a prime rib roast or a nice side of salmon? Give this year’s Thanksgiving a twist! The kids will love a nice piece of medium rare prime rib!! Get the kids involved in cooking and eating home cooked meals with you… This will develop their palate, and hopefully prevent them from wanting junk foods… eating and living healthy!!!!

If you find that the recipes I’m doing are to difficult please comment back and let me know. I am doing some of these dishes for a reason. I’m trying to make the home cook into a CHEF!! This is a good way to get out of our  everyday
comfort zone in cooking. This will make us become better cooks by cooking new foods and using different

God bless you all and have a wonderful thanksgiving.
Chef Marco

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