Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Future Apple

I wrote my bloggy bff an email yesterday that said something like,
"I'm becoming one of those bloggers...that's not really a 'blogger' - just features everyone else...nothing original...
Yup, one of those WOE IS ME kinda emails.  Wonderful Pidgy - she always knows what to say,
"Then change it.  Snap out of it.  Find your inner blog.  I'm excited for you.  I can't wait to hear what she has to say."
She always knows exactly what to say - kind of like slapping me around a little {with love, of course}. That warm and funny a lá PidgApeg-kind of way.  In other words:
So I sat down and wrote a list (you know me, the list maker!) of what I blog about...

"Check Her Bloggy Out!!" features
{um, nothing}
What I Love Wednesday with Lollipops
A Thought for Thursday with Mama Marchand's Musings
Friday Letters with Adventures of Newlyweds

Um, where is my blogging? 
That really only leaves one day of real blogging {I don't blog on weekends, remember? Family time...}.  Is that what my inner blog is all about?  Using other people's linky parties and memes and blogs as my way to blog?

Oh, no you didn't!
{I talk to myself like that sometimes...}
I know I've written this kind of post before but bear with me.  Yes, I know I've said that before too. : )
But this is the
BEGINNING of my inner blog, people! 
If I don't let her out, I'm gonna burst!  I know there's some good stuff in me to write, write, write...I'm just not making it happen.
if you notice some weird posts on this bloggy, just be patient with me.  My inner blog is
to get out!
{she's even more annoying that my i.r.l. persona}

"You're my little appleseed
though you may not see it yet
Someday you'll be
a great big juicy apple..."
{My hubby texted that to me yesterday morning...kinda sweet...}

To finding my future apple!
~ Nay ~


MacKensie said...

Your husband seems like such a sweetheart :) Thanks again for featuring me. I really look forward to reading all about your inner blogger!



Brandy Jane Mabel said...

Awesome You will find it, and hopefully have some fun on the way!

Pidg said...

Yay! I'm so happy you're on the road to finding her. The inner blogger can only be found in your "subsol". Remember those words of wisdom! LOL

Brooke said...

I can't wait to hear what your inner blog is screaming to say ! :) It always feels better to just let it out!

p.s. thanks for having me last Monday on Check Her Bloggy Out even though it meant your inner blogger was momentarily silenced :)