Friday, November 4, 2011

if $ wasn't an object...

...I would definitely shop at these "mah-velous dah-ling!" shops:

tricia from mama marchand's musings just recently opened up her jewelry line on etsy...I love the earthiness of her jewelry and the birds! gotta love the birds!

PidgApeg Jewelry

of course i must mention my bloggy bff's stuff {...but really, even if i didn't know her} doesn't it seem all soft and wonderful? and you cannot beat the price on her *softer side* jewelry!

PidgApeg OutLoud

i recently gave my niece one of the necklaces from this line...i like the edgy feminity of pidgapeg...I would probably wear some of this stuff now - but definitely back in the 90s when I was a teenager...{I just aged myself, huh? darn!}
 who doesn't love soleil selene's rosette necklaces?! today i noticed on her fb page that she had that headband...i can totally see my lovebug in one of those!
PidgApeg Cottage

i want my back patio fence filled with all the boards - my living room with the the coziness of it all...

 can i please have both of those? pretty please with sugar on top???? actually i want all of the stuff in her shop but had to choose these as the tops! and i would want to buy something from krystina at ♥lollipops because, well, she is just a sweetie : )
Where would you shop if $ wasn't an object?

Happy Weekend to you!
~ Nay ~


Pidg said...

Umm...lets see. If money wasn't an object I would shop at the airport to get me a ticket to see my bestie Nay! What!? Clever right! Come know that was good...then we could "tawkie" all the time! Haha!

mama marchand said...

Thanks for the feature, sweetie! :)