Wednesday, November 16, 2011

love...girlfriend style

happy what I love wednesday!
this week has been great. 
i am blessed...and i'm reminded every day :)

where would i be without them?
who would i go to with every single minor (and major) situation in my life? the ones that would never say, "oh, what now? it's really not that big of a deal..." the ones that just ~know~...

I've been so grateful to the women {my dear girlfriends) in my life lately...

They hold me up.
They ground me.
They are there…always…even if I can’t see them next to me…

“maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates...” {candace bushnell, sex and the city}

to my girlfriends/sisters/confidants/loveys....
this one was for you...

~ nay ~

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jackie b central texas said...

Happy Hump Day! Thanks for brightening and lightening my week with this Nay, you do have the best timing! :-)

Ashley Slater said...

you are my GF right? I mean, because my blog friends are like real life friends!!!!!!! and I also don't have very many real life friends!


Diane said...

Love this awesome reminder. The first picture is I hope me when I'm 90! :O)

Pidg said...

Hey! It's totally me and you in the first pic when we're awesome and oldish! Oh how I miss being able to chat here and there during the day with you girlfriend!