Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thoughts on Forever

I was going to write a completely different post today.
I had it all mapped out last night in my head, but then I saw this on pinterest this morning.

it made me smile.
it made my heart skip a beat.
it gave me butterflies.
{Yes, I just repeated everything up there...}

It did all these things because that's how I feel.
I feel that when he looks at me and smiles.
I feel that way when I hear his voice
(or get a text message from him or I remember something he's said...)
I feel all those things and more when I see him.

His arms are always open to me.
His ears are always ready to listen
(when I'm ranting, when I'm sad, when I'm just babbling).
His eyes tell me more by just looking at me than any words can say.

It's been this way since...well, forever.
And for that reason {and many, many more} he is
my forever.

Because I'm his.

I'm his wife.

In love,
~ Nay ~

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Pidg said...

Whoa...for a minute there I was going to ask who you were talking about...Haha! So just kidding {don't tell him he won't let us be friends anymore}

I love that. And I'm so happy you have someone to love you the way you deserve to be loved :) It makes me smile too, does that count?

Ashley said...

aww...that is sweet. So important to keep those feelings alive. :)

chelsea {joy} said...

oh my goodness this is precious! love this post. you are such a sweet wife. and this is such a sweet reminder of how my husband makes me smile too :)

Suman Patel said...

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