Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WILW {Advent}

It's What I Love Wednesday
Pre-Christmas Style : )

Love this idea!

It's the day before the official Christmas season! 
And so, the countdown begins...
Tonight, after the kids go to sleep, I think I'll be making advent envelopes. 
I used to fill them with candies and 99-cent-store finds,
but this year I'm thinking I'll put little cards in them.
Some days it'll say things like, "We love you <---this---> much"or something sweet like that.
Another day, maybe an easy activity (bake a cake, make cookies, draw a Christmas tree).
Or another day, a coupon for 25 kisses or hugs...

Do you make anything as a countdown to Christmas?
~ Nay ~

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Tracey Potter said...

Fantastic Idea!

Thanks for sharing these pins.