Monday, December 5, 2011

{#12} "Check Her Bloggy Out!!" {My (Newly)Wed Life}

Our newest blogger-ette in the family is here…and our family keeps broadening. 
This girly is originally from Brazil, baby! 
Read more – you’ll love her!

You are…
I'm Ana and I'm a 25-year-old Brazilian girl living in California. I came to the US as an exchange student and after 2 years I got married to a handsome American dude that I met in Brazil. {Long story made short: My husband was in Brazil on vacation and happened to be at the same nightclub I was at one night. A random dude introduced us. I thought he was his friend and he thought the dude was my friend. We have no idea who he is. After 3 days he came back to America and we stayed in touch for 6 months until I found a host family in California. Phew!} You can tell I'm totally adapted to California after you can count how many times I said dude in this paragraph.
You blog about…
I blog about our newlywed life {creative title, I know}. I started blogging as an online journal of the beginning of our lives together. I don't have concrete plans for it. I do it because I love writing :)
I blog about the new recipes that I try, the trips that we take, our plans to the future, my baby fever (ha!), housewife related things and everything else I feel like talking about really.
Yummiest Food Experience?
We love eating in this house. Mexican, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese.... no discrimination. And then I try to re-create those in my kitchen. That's when things get interesting.
Sane & Happy…
I don't think I can call myself "sane" and I love that about myself! My husband keeps me happy! I don't know what I'd do without him :-)
Where can we find you?
Muitíssimo Obrigado,  Ana! 
It was awesome to have you J
~ Nay ~

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