Friday, December 9, 2011

2 Weeks Worth of Letters...


Linking up there with Miss Ashley for another edition of letters {two weeks worth - 'cause I forgot to link up last week! yikes!}...I really like this meme because it inspires me to write....which is always good, right?  And speaking of inspiration...

Dear Inspiration,
Where are you?  Why do you leave me in the most inopportune times?  It's really not that nice in this blogolicious world when you aren't around.  I miss you.  Please come back...I promise to listen!

Dear iPhone and Thumbs,
I know you guys don't have the best relationship in the world, but could you PLEASE try to work together?  Thumbs, I know it's hard for you since you aren't on the tiniest of hands, but come on ( ! ) work with iPhone and me a little.  I know you can do it!  I have faith in your ability to get the correct words down so that iPhone won't make fun of you with those weird words that come out of it.

Dear Follower,
Yes, I'm writing you a little note this time.  I am thrilled to have you.  Do you know that?  I know I don't do giveaways all that much, but you still come back to read my inner blog.  And you know what?  It means the WORLD to me.  You are awesome!  Thanks for sticking around even when *Inspiration* has taken a little vacation on me (see letter above).

Dear Google Friend Connect,
I'm kind of having a bit of a hard time with knowing if I should keep you or not.  In 2012, you aren't going to represent my true numbers.  I kind of feel like I should get rid of you like other bloggers have, but then I think, "No biggie.  GFC will only show my Blogger Followers.  The other followers can just subscribe by email, right? Or follow me on Facebook or Twitter? {hint hint} I'll work this out.  I know you aren't the cause of the end of the world or anything.
ps:  I don't want to do Google+!  And you can't make me.  Do you think I wanna go crazy with one more thing!?! Jeesh!

Dear Aunt Flo,
So in October you visited two times.  Two times!  Do you really think I needed to see you that much???  Then in November, you stayed around for just a few days.  Does this mean you are just going to visit when you please and as often as you feel like?  Well, I don't think so!  I'm putting my foot down!  Yeah, you heard me.  Don't even think of visiting during that week between Christmas and New Year's, do you hear me?!  I won't have it!  Please?

Dear Body,
Thank you for not gaining any more weight these last two weeks : )  I really appreciate it.  I know I've been giving you a few of those Toasted Marshmallow Lattes in the past couple of weeks, but I know how much you like them...and, really, it's only until Christmas break.  Remember, we'll be out of the office between that week and New Year's, really, you only get to have a few more from the campus coffee shop.  And another thing, we haven't lost much more weight either {just sayin'}.

Dear Christmastime,
I'm so happy you're here.  The living room is filled with your beauty.  I even have you decorated all over my cubicle!  Did you like the garland and little twinkly lights I put up on the wall.  Great idea, huh?  It makes it so much more inviting when the faculty and scholars come to visit us in our little space : )

Dear Blogs I {Heart},
You make my mornings pretty darn wonderful...
It's a pleasure to have you buttons on my bloggy. 
And you know what?  I'd love to have more from other blogs...and I don't charge : )

Dear Future Blogger-ettes,
Wanna join the family for "Check Her Bloggy Out!!"?  I'm here.  Just waiting for emails to soriano.renee(at) to pour in! {hint hint again}

~ Nay ~


Salena @ A Little Piece of Me said...

I love this!!! Have a great weekend Nay!

Ashley said...

I don't know about GFC either! Ughh...! I get confused easily. :)

MacKensie said...

I love your letters & your blog looks so great! I just noticed the renovations! I would love to swap buttons :)