Tuesday, December 13, 2011

blessings in disguise

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When you have it all, you never imagine it can be lost so fast. You take for granted that money is always in your wallet, that food is always well stocked in the kitchen. You never think that having two cars is a big deal or having a mortgage is either. You're like everyone else, right?

A new Coach purse, weekend trips, shopping, eating out....everybody does that.

Or do they?

It's a rude awakening and a blessing in disguise when
it's gone.
Yes, just like that.

One day, the job is gone because there aren't anymore house sales...which means no more of a lot of other things.
Eating out? Not anymore.
That Coach purse you wanted? Food is way more important.
You realize that losing the house, the other car...moving 4 times in one year...moving in with your in-law's.... You can do it.

You do anything to keep a roof over your kids' heads. Anything. You learn that Ramen is really not that bad as long as the kids can eat something better. You learn that Starbucks is a luxury.

You feel like you're rock bottom.

Those forever friends really aren't...Extended family? you suddenly can't get a hold of them...no job means no money which, in turn, means you learn what's really important.  And, sadly, who is really in your corner.  You slowly, very slowly begin to learn that you can't take anything for granted. And the only thing that really matters is the four of you. If you can get through that, all of you can do anything.

Your children, your stronger-than-you-ever-prayed-for marriage...that's all that really matters. It's the four of you battling and finally winning to the best victory of all.

So looking back -
at 30-years-old I had it all or so I thought.
Now I'm 37
and I have less than half of what I had in money - but the difference is everything is priceless now.

And that is what I know for sure.

I may have asked at one point how could this happen to us?
It took "this" to learn that He never puts you through anything you can't handle.
This was always in The Plan so we could be who we are today.
And for that...
for that I am truly grateful and full.
Full of praise and knowledge that we are always tightly held in His grip.

~ Nay ~


Salena @ A Little Piece of Me said...

Wow Nay. I could have wrote this. This is where my family is at this very moment. I've been wanting to write something like this but did not really know how. It is so true... when you don't have money, you are isolated. All you have is your spouse and kids and you pull together to make it work with what you got. Also true... you find out who is really there for you or not. Sometimes it's hard because the everyday normal purchases that some people can afford seem so way out of my reach sometimes that it makes me sad. Especially when it comes to my kids and what they need. Thanks for sharing this. I can relate to losing everything being a blessing in disguise.

Ashley said...

What a wonderful post! After we had our kids I stopped working and of course we lost my entire income. Sure, we don't just spend our money on whatever but we have gained so much more. We appreciate things a lot more now.

Pidg said...

That's funny, great minds think alike...I know we've talked about this but I was going to post about it and then you did. Of course you did ;) Maybe if we still had it all or had it better we wouldn't be able to appreciate the friendship we have now too...time for the little things. I also need to tell you how "rearl" this post was. Haha!

Amira said...

Love your honesty and perspective. It's refreshing to be reminded of what's important every once in awhile. Thank you!

Your newest follower,