Tuesday, December 20, 2011

{Calendar Me Fabulous}

What I Love Wednesday!
I love organization. I know I've told you all this before :) But I do!  I think it just calms me...
These calendars would just make me way too happy to have!

 I would love the idea above to put on my work cubicle....

or these...
: )

ooooh! or these...
And how thrilling would it be to have a planner like this:

It would so help me organize life...home stuff, work deadlines, blogging schedule and ideas...and everything in between!

So if anyone feels the need to send these to me, feel free!
~ Nay ~


Brooke said...

that planner is drool worthy!!!!

krystina / lollipops said...

i love calendars. i am slightly obsessed! these are lovely!

ps. love, love your new blog design! xo

Ashley said...

oohh.... I want this planner!

Fallon said...

I looooove the last ones, the binder ones. I always find myself trying to stick to a calander or planner, and then it gets lost in one of my purses (or suitcases as Hubby calls them) and then I lose 3 weeks!!! LOL!
PS I am a new follower from Pidgapeg!

Ngaio May said...

Oh my gosh, I love every picture you posted! They are all amazing!!!

I have just started writing in next years diary, it is so exciting as it is pretty! (It was a gift for my birthday... in October!)

Ngaio May xx