Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm Having *DeuxBerry* Wishes...

Hi!!!!  I just discovered this shop through my friend at work {who, by the way, is an amazing woman - she's my *mom* at work}. 
So, you know me, I contacted them and asked to have them overJ  I had to, okay?!
So without further ado, I am giving my blog over to them today!
{See ya Monday, loveys! ~ Nay ~}

 Thank you…and here’s a little bit about us!

Our grandmother created ornate ribbon and sequin-adorned ornaments in the 1960’s and gave them as gifts to her children and their families. The unique ornaments became cherished heirlooms.

Growing up, we would help our mother decorate our family Christmas tree. One of the highlights of the process was unwrapping Grandma Ceil’s ornaments. We knew very well what each one looked like, yet every year we relished the opportunity to unwrap them one by one and rediscover them. They were assigned the most coveted spots on our tree.

Now that we are grown, our family is spread across the country. Because of the many miles that separate us, Christmas has become an even more special time of year for our family. Seeing Grandma Ceil’s ornaments on our family tree reminds us of this tradition that we hold dear.

Not long ago, but long after Grandma Ceil’s passing, we decided to recreate her ornaments. Without any guidance from her, we had to learn the ornament-making process on our own. It has taken many attempts to perfect this process but we now feel that our ornaments are just as special as hers.

Our family has always cherished tradition and we are hopeful that with an ornament from DeuxBerry, you and your loved ones will be able to create your own family tradition, enhance existing ones and just have fun with these little treats!


Elin Boyle & Elisabeth Rowen

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Here are some of Nay's favorites:


Diane said...

Really pretty and neat! :O) said...

oh my goodness! these are beautiful. what a neat story your family holds. I love it! thanks for sharing nay :)

Amber said...

What a great story... these ornaments are SO beautiful, too!

Elisabeth Rowen said...

Hey Everyone! This is Elisabeth from DeuxBerry. Thanks for all of your lovely comments! As a thanks to Renee and all of her loyal readers, we are offering free shipping through on all orders placed through ETSY. Enter C2CFS at checkout. Happy Holidays to all!