Thursday, December 8, 2011

um...can you just listen now?

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I saw this yesterday on pinterest and said to myself,
"Hey Nay, are you reading this?  This is what you're supposed to be doing!"
I'm guilty.
I admit it.
My confession?
I'm a
Just try to get a word in while we're having a conversation.  Just try.  I dare ya!
And, really, I feel bad for the person on the other end of the conversation...
How crappy must it be to be sitting there, having a cup of coffee with me, and I can't stop talking?! 
It's like one of those conversations where one person keeps talking about herself, and then the poor other friend finally gets a chance and says,
"So enough about you : ) Can I tell you something now?"
My best friend goes through this all the time...she is so sweet, too.  She'll stay silent the whole time I'm gabbing it up and will *try* to say that
{pretty much, she's probably hoping I'll have to breath between sentences}. 
And then, I feel dirt...because I'm making it all about me.  That's what makes me a bad friend.  But I know she knows how I am and is oh-so-tolerant...and secretly, she knows it's pretty amusing {I definitely know she finds it hilarious when I'm ranting about somethin'}.
So what do I do to remedy this, you ask?
I try...really give myself a vow of silence when calling her....and just say,
"So how are YOU doing?"
And then just let her talk...

and this is a BIG but,
if she's says,
"Oh , fine, and you?"

She asked for it, right?

~ Nay ~

ps:  Hey Biffle, I love you <---this---> much!  Thank you for letting me take over conversations.  I'm your personal comedienne!  And, let me tell ya, you are the BEST audience ever!  ♥1 4 3♥


jackie b central texas said...

GUILTY! I love to "chat" and if you let me will never shut up long enough to let someone else talk. Mainly because as a housewife am only able to talk to my two cats and my dog most days and they do not speak human back. My poor Mom lives with us but she talks to her "cell phone Buddies" more than we chat together. Plus her favorite occupation is television and mine is books and computer so we do not have much to talk about.

Nay that is why my blog comments are long winded, never know when to shut up! LOL

Manda Jane said...

awwww! thank you for taking part and thank you for the sweet words!!! I'm so blessed to have gotten to know you!