Tuesday, January 31, 2012

♪♫ everyday i'm journalin' ♪♫

Guess what I did?!

Last month Aleks asked bloggers if they wanted to be involved in a handmade journal swap.  I loved the idea and had to join in!  All you had to do was decorate {or make from scratch} a journal for your swap partner.  You were given details about your partner and then decorate or create away!

The best part was each journal swap partner had no idea who their partner was.  So it was a surprise on top of that - that made it even better.  The idea made you really get to know your partner through all her social networking outlets.

I was so nervous and excited when I found out who I received.  She is a big time blogger and, more than that, has always been so welcoming to me.  She has also been featured on my "Check Her Bloggy Out!!", so she's part of my blogger-ette family:)  She's a blog designer and has an inspirational and faith-based blog.  Can you guess who I got yet?

It was Aimee {!}
and this is the journal I made for her:
Whatcha think?
Now it was my turn to receive my handmade goodness!  I was so excited, but with the way the mail system is at my work, I was waiting for a while...
But as it's said, "good comes to those who wait"
{or something like that, right?}...
Well, it wasn't only good, it was GREAT!

I had received my journal package and a little surprise from Aleks, too!
But the "GREAT" part?
My secret journal swap partner was
She is such a sweet soul!  She's that person that always has something good to say, the one that makes you think...I had the hugest smile on my face when I got the package!
Just look!
Isn't that just awesome!
My favorite verse {the one that speaks to me when I can't} on a beautifully quilted journal.  The pictures don't do it justice {no really, my lil camera phone is awful!}, but it's just...
well, special.

Which makes me feel special!

So, thank you, Rebecca, for knowing exactly what to make for me.

Be sure to check out Aleks, Aimee, and Rebecca's blogs - you won't be disappointed♥


Monday, January 30, 2012

{#20} "Check Her Bloggy Out!!" {My New Wife Life}

Hi everybody!
Hope you all had a relaxing and nice weekend...but here we are, Monday again.
I'm not a big fan of Mondays, but this feature always makes me happy!
I get to introduce you to up-and-coming blogger-ettes!
And the best part?
You get to meet them here and then go send them some love after!

My newest blogger-ette is...
Mrs. Robinson

She is super-adorable...and her bloggy makes me smile.  I "met" her through another one of my blogger-ettes and am so happy I did!
That's what I love about our little blog world, and you know this too...
Look at all the wonderful people we get to meet!

So, here we go!
Take it away, Mrs. Robinson!

I'm Mrs. Robinson.  Coo-coo-kachoo :)  I married my champion on 09-10-11 and am having the time of life experiencing this new brand of happiness.  We're both 23 years old.  We're both Christians.  We have a Chihuahua named Zombie.  We live in South Carolina.  But I guess that doesn't really tell y'all anything about me, does it?  I am a hopeless romantic and tend to write a bunch of mushy stuff about my husband when I blog.  I have always had a creative mind and I love decorating or doing crafts or anything that enhances the spaces I frequent.  I am most passionate about holding onto memories.  It's perhaps my most endearing and maddening quality, because I feel the need to document every event in an emotional or sentimental way.  I'm pretty quirky, very sarcastic, and sometimes funny.  Oh, and I'm quite honest.  I consider myself a realist and an opportunist.  I am currently trying to improve myself in two major ways:  I want to be better at relationships in 2012 and I want to start eating healthier and making wise choices as to what I put in my body.  So..I hope that gives you a good enough summary.  :)

My bloggy…
I started blogging because I want to always remember what being a newlywed feels like.  I write a lot about my husband and what we are going through at a particular time.  I guess I just write about my life and everything it entails - I am wife, a Christian, a Sales Representative, a cook, a maid, a friend, a daughter, a home decorator, a comedian, a doggy-mommy, a photographer, a historian, a secretary, and everything in-between.  I write about the things I do and the feelings they generate within me.  I plan to just let my blog go with the flow.  I have really been enjoying getting to know some of the other girls in the blogisphere and have come to consider a few of them friends.  Whatever happens, happens.  

An eye-opening experience…
I think that my most eye-opening life experience was when I realized that I was in love with the one.  It was a pretty amazing feeling, and it helped me make sense of all the messed up stuff I had experienced before that moment.  It made me realize that God did have a plan and He was just getting me ready.  It was a life-changing experience because..well..it changed my life, obviously.  I'm married to that fella.  :)  And it also restored my faith in something larger than myself.  It was almost like I could feel that big, missing puzzle piece fall into place.  

What one thing in your life keeps you sane and happy?
I don't think there is just one thing.  And I've never claimed to be sane.  :)  I'm happy because I choose to see the good in my life and that includes, but is not limited to:  my husband, my Savior, my family, my precious puppy, my job, and all the blessings that surround me.  

Thank you so much for being on, girl!  I'm sure everyone else is as well!


Friday, January 27, 2012

writing letters on a friday night


Dear Hubby,  You know when I need Me time and you know when I need You time. But best of all, you always know when I need Everything time. Thank you for just the time.


Dear 1LW,  I know what I'm supposed to do with you, but I'm not ready yet. See letter to Future.

Dear Me, You're doing a great job.  You have to remember that, k?

Dear Future,  I know I’m not helping the situation by keeping stagnant and not making a lot of changes, but a girl (okay, woman) needs a break every once in a while. Be patient with me. You'll always be there. Duh! You're the future for a reason right?

Dear Brooke,  You are so wonderful to me and you made my day with the gifty. When someone thinks of me and does something as sweet as you did, it makes my heart soar leaps and bounds. Your generosity and care and selflessness are going to make you a wonderful wife and mommy one day.

Dear Bloggy BFF,  I miss you from the subsol. I preath for you and you pidgletts every day. I can't wait for our dreams to come true. How's the tunnel coming? :D

Dear Little Love,  I love that you put words together -  like instead of saying "What If", you say "Whaff" or "people" is "peepole". It makes me smile.  And the way you and your sister are together makes me so proud. Oh! And good job in knowing all your ABCs, my big lil boy:)

Dear Lovebug,  You are the most wonderfully caring daughter. You always know when Mommy just needs the right amount of love. And you're a great big sister. I wish you were mine sometimes:)

you + me + coffee

Good Morning Wonderful You!
How was your week?
It's so nice to see you.
Come in! Come in!

Since you're here...

take a load off...

kick up your feet...

let out a deep breath...

and let's have a *Friday Coffee Date*!!!
{inspired by my two of my fave girls: Nat & Chrissy,
and a new someone I've discovered, Alissa}

You don't have to say a word, either.
{Not like you could, right?}
Just sit back and relax while I talk your ear off!  If you were really here, like right next to me...

I'd give you a big warm hug
and tell you that this morning I woke up with a beautiful song in my head...♥Speak to My Heart♥ and was reminded of the wonderful love of our Father.

I would tell you that when I walked towards the building at work this morning, I saw the most beautiful sunrise.  It took my breath away and I smiled.

I'd also tell you that I'm almost done reading a great book of friendship, The Friendship Bread by Darien Gee.  Not only am I almost done, it'll be my next book to review on here this year.

I'd tell you that I've had so much decorating my office at work for Valentine's Day...it makes me happy.  And that I've organized a little valentine swap with the girls at work - now we'll all be guaranteed at least one valentine to brighten our day!

You know what else?
I've been enjoying blogging these past couple of weeks and your comments have warmed my heart.  It overjoys me that I have someone to really read my writing everyday.  I feel so blessed.

I'd also tell you that I got visited by my "mean old aunt" this morning and that I was secretly disappointed.  Not that the hubby and I have been *trying* and it's not even in our plan right now, but I'd love to have more children...  {sigh}

And...well, I don't want to overload you.  Anyway, we can have coffee again next week! 

But before you go...

Have a wonderful weekend, friend! {insert another warm hug here}

Want more coffee time?
You can have some with these ladies, too!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

um...M.C. Nay is in the house!

♪ ♫ ♪
My name is nay
I blog everyday
Don't try to stop me
I can go all day

♪ ♫ ♪
Not only do I write
But I praise Him everyday
He keeps me going
With everything I say
♪ ♫ ♪
I'm a momm-ah and a work-ah and a blog-ah
wanna show ya
That I'm-a  supa fly writ-ah
♪ ♫ ♪
I gots an idea
{This is gettin’ kinda weird-ah}
Why not shoot me a line
And tell me whatcha wanna hear-ah!
♪ ♫ ♪
Ask me all
Just ask me somethin'
Cuz all I wanna know's
♪ ♫ ♪
do you wanna know more about...
♪ ♫ ♪
♪ ♫ ♪

Yes, I'm keeping my day job.  Don't worry.
Don't mind me, I just got this in my head last night right when I was about to go to sleep...the thoughts I get, lol!
So, that's my little way of saying that I'd love to get some questions from ya! {Thanks to the FB fans for their questions already!}
I'm gonna put myself out there...
You Ask
I'll Ans-ah! {get it? "answer"}


ps: on another note...I got a comment last night on yesterday's post!  BY MY HUBBY! wow...I was floored - he rarely reads my blog (or that's what he says...)!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chattin' it up with...:)

I am very excited to introduce you to...
....Jason Silva!
He is the amazing author of ...
ORPHANED AT AGE ONE, Edgar Trunk has spent most of his ten years in a horrible sludge factory. Under the tutelage of the towering and monstrous Uncle Warnock, he has lived his life knowing only the joys of the occasional book (until Warnock finds and burns it) and the camaraderie of the lanky and awkward fellow Stewpot.

But everything changes for Edgar when a mysterious knocking sound draws him into the maze of factory hallways and through a peculiar door, where an entire world of curiosities and adventure opens up before him. However, to realize his true destiny he will have to escape the terrifying evil force known as IT and solve the mysteries of the factory before it is too late.

THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK in the series, which pushes the question: What if we as a civilization gave up on the Earth, and the Earth one day gave up on us? What would we do? What would... become? Somewhere in the aftermath, we have Edgar at 10 years old, clueless, clouded in mystery, but not for long.

Doesn't that sound pretty darn good?
Well, it is!
{It's a great read...really! You know how much I love to read...I wouldn't lie to ya! You'll like it as much as I did!}

I had the pleasure of meeting Jason and his gorgeous wife, Heather, at a author/book fair in my little town.  He was the nicest person I met that day {believe me!} and when I mentioned that I had a blog...
He didn't hesitate...not one bit.  He handed over his novel, signed it (!), and handed it over.
We've been in email contact since early this month...it's been great emailing with an author - a real author, people!  And he's so patient:)  I know he must have a lot on his plate, but he's been great with the publishing of this post...

And this is our opportunity to have him here all to ourselves...all of us aspiring writers!

Here's a little bit of me picking his brain!
Enjoy the conversation...:) :)

~Tell us a little about your background?

I happen to be fortunate enough to work in the entertainment industry. I work in television and film. But I owe my education and training to Fiction. I went to the University of Louisville and as a Sophomore, I was taking grad level creative writing workshops (while a Marketing major!). I studied with Sena Jeter Naslund, the author of the brilliant Ahab's Wife ... and owe most of my initial inspiration to writer Paul Griner, now the head of the creative writing department there. When I was a junior I transferred schools (and states and concentrations) to the University of Maryland. 

After a dodgy year of making ends meet and living with my girlfriend (now my awesome wife Heather), I entered the English Language and Literature program and submitted a portfolio in the hopes of being accepted into a limited number of slots for the Creative Writing concentration. In a particularly dramatic moment standing in a crowd in the hallway on the second floor of Susquehanna Hall, I made the cut! The next few years, I studied with multiple National Book Award shortlister Howard Norman, an amazing person with countless stories and wonderful inspiration for budding writers. The Tale of Edgar Trunk was my first published novel ..... and also the first piece of writing I had ever explored for a young audience. Later, I got into television, writing and producing original content for advertisers, and ultimately directing for various clients and now screenwriting feature films.

~What inspired you to become an author?
I always tell people that I tried everything humanly possible NOT to become an author. However, I suppose that when you have a calling, you must eventually answer to it. And if you're really lucky, you find it in your heart to persevere. It helps to have an awesome wife who supports your wild, romantic endeavors.

~How about the publishing biz?
Publishing is a business. It is the other side of the brain. Once your story is the best it can be (and the text is locked), an entire process begins. From formatting and typesetting to artwork to printing specs to initial quantity of printing to press and publicity and marketing and distribution and retail partnerships to a launch party. Once you land your project with a publisher, it will take a year or more to see your title on the shelves at retail outlets. Publishing is not for the weary or faint of heart!

~What would you say is the biggest hurdle to publishing?
The industry is rapidly changing. We're in a period of uncertainty. Technology is changing the way we consume the written word. Some say the printed book is on the way out. Being a romantic, I have to say that the digital age has increased sales and offered immediate (and cheap) distribution to a much broader readership base, but nothing can ever replace the feeling, the texture, the sound of one's finger brushing across the page that we experience with a book. Imagine the day when no one can recall the smell of a musty library book! Maybe they'll off scented Kindles in the near future....

~What advice would you give to a person wishing to publish?
The best advice I can give to a writer is that you have to read a lot and write a lot. The two go hand-in-hand. As far as the process of publishing ..... that can be as complicated as dating. It really comes down to the right fit. For major publishers, you have to get an agent. For smaller publishers, their resources are limited, they get overwhelmed with submissions, but they will love you like a family member if the stars align. For those with contacts and the proper wherewithal, self-publishing in either print or exclusively on digital platforms is a more immediate and freeing approach. No matter where you end up, in this day and age, one thing is certain: you will have to do your own marketing. I repeat, you will have to create demand for your book. The days of grand promotional budgets and reading tours are all but defunct. At the end of the day, I truly believe that we write to write, because we love it, because there is no other path. If you get published, or if you publish yourself, good luck. Stand strong and look to windward!

~What does it feel like to see your words in print?!
It feels amazing. You just want to stand by your book in the book aisle and tell people about it. And then you're a little embarrassed.

~Boxers or briefs? (lol - you know I had to! ha!)
Answer: none of the above. Just kidding! Boxers all the way!!

Thank you so much for being on my little bloggy, Jason!
It's been more than a pleasure!:)

So everybody, get out there and pick up 
A Tale of Edgar Trunk

What are you waiting for?
You WILL NOT be disappointed...
...I wasn't:)


For more info and to get that book (you know you gotta!):
and you can become a FOLLOWER too!
Jason - a blogger, too?! woo hoo!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

hmmm....whatcha think?

To blog or not to blog…
….that is the question.
{well, for today, at least!}

How about you do somethin’ for me today….?
Tell me where to go for some blogging inspiration…
What should I put on my “posts to read” list?
Would you like to feature yourself? {maybe your blog, or that new shop you have, or the new item in your shop, or...}
source: we♥it.com
Amaze meJ

~ Nay ~

Monday, January 23, 2012

{#19} "Check Her Bloggy Out!!" {The Foley Fam (unedited)}

Happy Monday!
I was so very thrilled to start off the week with my newest member of the
She makes me laugh and has been the sweetest in this crazy blog world of ours.  When I did a shout-out for new guest bloggers and she volunteered...well, I was floored!  I see her as one of the "biggies" and to have her on here...
it's just plain awesome!
So here she is!

The wonderful woman behind

Take over my blog, girl!
~ Nay ~

Hi there! I'm Kristine!

Wifey to the Hubs, Momma to our M&M girls, and Lover of Life and Laughing! I started this blog journey in May 2010. I started this blog with my SIL, as a way to share and record our creativity. We share{d} just about everything; from recipesmom tipsfashion, home decor, and crafty ideas + tutorials. Read about us here.

I've just recently taken over operation of both the Blog and The Shoppe (J&M's Eye Candy Shoppe on Etsy). Read about it here.

The Shoppe is where I share my love for creating things and sharing with others like yourself! You'll find an eclectic mix of handmade goodness for ladies and sprouts. I changed our blog name to better reflect {us}, but kept the shoppe name the same :) Excited to be flying solo, and can't wait to see where this new adventure leads!

Follow along as I share our adventures!

I blog about {us}. The Good, the Bad, & the Dirty. You'll also find some crafting, my fashion style, and all the bits and pieces that make me {me}. I can be a wee bit sarcastic, but try not to take offense mmmkay?

Nay asked to share one of my "A-Ha!" moments
You can read about it here.

She also asked what one thing in my life keeps me sane and happy?

Really the Hubs is my rock. He loves me in a way only he can. He knows everything about me, and loves me unconditionally. So thankful he was chosen to walk this crazy adventure called life with me!

Thanks so much to Nay for having me on today!! Hope you lovely readers stop by and follow our big and not so big adventures over at The Foley Fam blog! Be sure and leave a comment I would love to follow your adventures too!


Check her out here, too!
Blog / BlogLovin / Facebook / Shoppe / Twitter / Google+ / Pinterest 

Friday, January 20, 2012

a little lovin' for a friday mornin'

I woke up this morning with love stories on the brain...I thought about mine with my husband {of course}, but a way better one came to mind.
It started when a 24-year-old guy from Lima, Peru was out to start an adventure to the US.  Boston was supposed to be a "stop-over" for him...

He worked a lot and met a lot of people while discovering this new city...

Soon a friend of his invited him to a cousin's 18th birthday dinner. 
He went (free food and drink - he couldn't beat that...) and met his friend's cousin. 

He sat with her talking all night (and probably laughing and thinking she was so adorable). 

One thing led to another and soon he would pick her up everyday at  her "T" stop, head over to Bailey's for a scoop of pistachio ice cream...

Quickly he fell in love...after six months of dating, she told him they would be expecting a baby...they married and have been together ever since.  Their life had many ups and downs but always filled with each other.

And that baby?

That was me.

Papa says that after that long night of talking at Mom's birthday party, he fell in love.  My mom says she gave him a chance because she thought he was french and looked like a Beatle (ha!)...

You know what really hooked my dad in, though? 
My mom would sing to him...

Here's to the best love story I know...and enjoy the songs my mom sang to my papa when I wasn't even a thought yet...

Happy Friday Loves!
~ Nay ~

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Flashback Friday

Thursday, January 19, 2012

♪♫all the single ladies...all the single ladies♪♫

oh great...now i'm going to have that song in my head all day!
{ha ha - but, back to the post...}
it's time for... 

so what am i thinking about? hm...
{oh, just get to the post, nay! jeez!}
i have a lot of girlfriends that are single...
and i definitely remember what it was like for me before being married.
when i'm asked,
"when will it happen for me?
when will i be in a relationship...married...?"
i’m at a loss for words…I don’t want to say anything that will disappoint her or roll her eyes at me….
it wasn’t so long ago that i was single…
back in the day, i would ask the same question to my married friends or girlfriends in relationships...i'd go as far as asking,
"don't you know anyone?  doesn't your husband/boyfriend know someone for me?"
and i was definitely not embarrassed to ask...it just wasn't fun to have to.
that’s not to say that being single was the worse thing in the world, either...i love going back to those memories and thinking of all the good stuff that came along with it.  {but that's not what this post is about...}
when i was single, pretty much everyone had advice on my "situation," as a lot of them like to put it.  i just wanted the answer.  i wanted the truth...
this is what i heard all the time:
"he's right under your nose, but you just don't know it"
"when you stop looking, it'll happen"
"it's just not your time yet"
ugh! {right?!}
and you know what's awful now...i catch myself saying that to my single gals all the time.
but now, i have found the perfect answer! 
this is what i wish someone had told me!

Source: weheartit.com via Renee on Pinterest

as a single woman, doesn't that just make you feel hopeful? 
as an "attached" woman, doesn't that sound like something you would want to tell your lovely girlfriend?

i liked it...
how about this?

love ya, my single ladies! {you know I do!!!}
and that's what's been on my mind lately:)
~ nay ~

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

just a cloudy disposition...

What I Love Wednesday…
Maybe I miss the girl with her head in the clouds - that naiveté... The blissful ignorance of youth...
Or the times I feel like I'm on Cloud 9?

Clouds (the sky, sunset, dawn for that matter) have always been fascinating.
The vision of a beautiful cloud-filled winter day takes my breath away.
But clouds always give me memories of flying in a plane to the oh.so.many destinations I've lived in...
The many bears, angels, giraffes, and elephants my imagination would conjure up.

I'm always telling the hubby,
"Look at the sky! What a great job today, huh?" 
and he always says uh-huh or something and I know he doesn't get it.
{that's okay...he gets the other stuff}
Those clouds up there?
all those clouds above the horizon that I thought were just for me?
they are…

What makes you smile? What do you love?
~ Nay ~

linkin' up w/ Krystina @ www.lollipopscards.com:
{ps:  all images found on my WILW pin board on pinterest.  I couldn't get the source links to work - ay!}

oh, and did ya know? Lacee @ Mommas Like Me is hosting...

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