Sunday, January 8, 2012

{#17} "Check Her Bloggy Out!!" {Shades of Gray}

~ Good Morning and Happy Monday ~
There are these times when I am so happy to be blogging.
I love that I can introduce you to new bloggers that I think are marvelous. 
The things that they sometimes come up with or the answers they have to my questions are absolutely eye-opening. 
Case in point, my newest blogger-ette family member,

I can't tell you how happy I was to have found her...Well, you'll see...Read on!
Have fun getting to know her:)

Letters to my Younger Self
I feel so honored to be featured among the prettiness
that is Nay's blog.
Her warm and positive attitude make you feel like
she just put her arm around you
and welcomed you to the family.

I decided to write a note to my younger self
{which I've been wanting to do for awhile}
And what better place than on Cover to Cover??

So here goes
{clears throat}

Dear 10 year-old Amira-

Even though you have a picture of JTT in the locket that you wear,
and his posters covering your walls, you will never, in fact, meet him.
I know that you are super convinced that if he could just meet you
he would want to marry you
{but there's someone better waiting, I promise.}

Dearest 16 year-old Amira-

You will lose a friend this year in a car accident.
Your friend Katie will be waiting in your room when you get out of the shower to tell you the news,
"Jennifer Rice died in a car accident last night"
and you will think it's a joke as you sink into your bed
and will realize by the look on her face that it's not.
You will wear pink to her funeral {along with the 300 other people who attend}
because it was her favorite color,
and you will sob when you see her little brother's head just barely peeping up in the pews
as he gazes up at his big sister's small pink casket.
It will be painful to see her empty desk in class,
and there will be a somber quiet at school for several weeks.
You will worry for the next several years about everyone you know dying.
I promise they don't.
But this experience gives you a healthy appreciation for the loved ones in your life.

Dearest 17 year-old Amira-

I know that you're itching for a tattoo
and that your "older" 19 year old boyfriend can draw a pretty strand of stars
but this really isn't something you will want on your lower back for the rest of your life.
In fact, five years down the road you won't want it there at all.

Dearest 22 year-old Amira-

This is going to be a trying year for you.
You're going to have your heart broken to smithereens.
You won't want to get out of bed for a really long time
and you will begin to wonder how long it will take to feel normal.
But rest assured {remember when I told you that someone better is waiting?}
you're going to meet him at the end of all of this.
You will be so glad that you stood your ground and didn't go back down that road.
You will find someone with a kind heart that will be all you ever dreamed of.
Patience, oh young one.

Dearest 24 year old college graduate -

I know you think you are done with school
{but your 26 year-old self will decide it's time to go back}
and then you will have wasted two years.
Just go right into your Master's program.
Your 28 year-old self will thank you.

Dear current 28-year old self-

You have discovered blogging and absolutely love it.
I predict that you are going to meet some absolutely amazing ladies
{just like the ones you've met over the past few months}

{wipes brow}

That was deep.
Especially for a first time encounter.
Am I that girl? You know the one.
The one in the elevator that you avoid asking,
"How are you?"
because she rambled on about her cats for 37 minutes last time you asked?
{okay fine, elevator rides are not THAT long, but you know what I mean}
I hope not.

What would you tell your younger, less experienced selves?
I realized through this writing process that if I could,
all I would want to do is reassure my younger self
that everything will be okay.

Because it does turn out okay,
and if it doesn't
then it's not the end.




Kelly . said...

Amira! Such great letters. And I remember clearly the events you wrote to your 16 year old self :( Especially the empty desk in class.

Brooke said...

Great letters, Amira! I just found this blog because of Amira's post. And yes, I am a new follower :) but no pressure to follow me back. I know how long those reading lists can get.

{[Future Mrs.]} said...

WOW great letters. & its interesting to see that so many people can relate to it all some way or form!!

Mrs. Robinson said...

These are great! I really enjoyed the letters...I might have to write a post like this some day. And I'm glad Amira posted over here so that I could find your blow & become a new follower, just like pretty little Brooke! :) She's great!

Jayme and Mendi said...

This was such a great read. Oh the things that I would like to have been able to have told my younger self.

So glad I clicked through Amira's link & found your blog. We're now following & look forward to reading more.

Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings