Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chattin' it up with...:)

I am very excited to introduce you to...
....Jason Silva!
He is the amazing author of ...
ORPHANED AT AGE ONE, Edgar Trunk has spent most of his ten years in a horrible sludge factory. Under the tutelage of the towering and monstrous Uncle Warnock, he has lived his life knowing only the joys of the occasional book (until Warnock finds and burns it) and the camaraderie of the lanky and awkward fellow Stewpot.

But everything changes for Edgar when a mysterious knocking sound draws him into the maze of factory hallways and through a peculiar door, where an entire world of curiosities and adventure opens up before him. However, to realize his true destiny he will have to escape the terrifying evil force known as IT and solve the mysteries of the factory before it is too late.

THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK in the series, which pushes the question: What if we as a civilization gave up on the Earth, and the Earth one day gave up on us? What would we do? What would... become? Somewhere in the aftermath, we have Edgar at 10 years old, clueless, clouded in mystery, but not for long.

Doesn't that sound pretty darn good?
Well, it is!
{It's a great read...really! You know how much I love to read...I wouldn't lie to ya! You'll like it as much as I did!}

I had the pleasure of meeting Jason and his gorgeous wife, Heather, at a author/book fair in my little town.  He was the nicest person I met that day {believe me!} and when I mentioned that I had a blog...
He didn't hesitate...not one bit.  He handed over his novel, signed it (!), and handed it over.
We've been in email contact since early this's been great emailing with an author - a real author, people!  And he's so patient:)  I know he must have a lot on his plate, but he's been great with the publishing of this post...

And this is our opportunity to have him here all to ourselves...all of us aspiring writers!

Here's a little bit of me picking his brain!
Enjoy the conversation...:) :)

~Tell us a little about your background?

I happen to be fortunate enough to work in the entertainment industry. I work in television and film. But I owe my education and training to Fiction. I went to the University of Louisville and as a Sophomore, I was taking grad level creative writing workshops (while a Marketing major!). I studied with Sena Jeter Naslund, the author of the brilliant Ahab's Wife ... and owe most of my initial inspiration to writer Paul Griner, now the head of the creative writing department there. When I was a junior I transferred schools (and states and concentrations) to the University of Maryland. 

After a dodgy year of making ends meet and living with my girlfriend (now my awesome wife Heather), I entered the English Language and Literature program and submitted a portfolio in the hopes of being accepted into a limited number of slots for the Creative Writing concentration. In a particularly dramatic moment standing in a crowd in the hallway on the second floor of Susquehanna Hall, I made the cut! The next few years, I studied with multiple National Book Award shortlister Howard Norman, an amazing person with countless stories and wonderful inspiration for budding writers. The Tale of Edgar Trunk was my first published novel ..... and also the first piece of writing I had ever explored for a young audience. Later, I got into television, writing and producing original content for advertisers, and ultimately directing for various clients and now screenwriting feature films.

~What inspired you to become an author?
I always tell people that I tried everything humanly possible NOT to become an author. However, I suppose that when you have a calling, you must eventually answer to it. And if you're really lucky, you find it in your heart to persevere. It helps to have an awesome wife who supports your wild, romantic endeavors.

~How about the publishing biz?
Publishing is a business. It is the other side of the brain. Once your story is the best it can be (and the text is locked), an entire process begins. From formatting and typesetting to artwork to printing specs to initial quantity of printing to press and publicity and marketing and distribution and retail partnerships to a launch party. Once you land your project with a publisher, it will take a year or more to see your title on the shelves at retail outlets. Publishing is not for the weary or faint of heart!

~What would you say is the biggest hurdle to publishing?
The industry is rapidly changing. We're in a period of uncertainty. Technology is changing the way we consume the written word. Some say the printed book is on the way out. Being a romantic, I have to say that the digital age has increased sales and offered immediate (and cheap) distribution to a much broader readership base, but nothing can ever replace the feeling, the texture, the sound of one's finger brushing across the page that we experience with a book. Imagine the day when no one can recall the smell of a musty library book! Maybe they'll off scented Kindles in the near future....

~What advice would you give to a person wishing to publish?
The best advice I can give to a writer is that you have to read a lot and write a lot. The two go hand-in-hand. As far as the process of publishing ..... that can be as complicated as dating. It really comes down to the right fit. For major publishers, you have to get an agent. For smaller publishers, their resources are limited, they get overwhelmed with submissions, but they will love you like a family member if the stars align. For those with contacts and the proper wherewithal, self-publishing in either print or exclusively on digital platforms is a more immediate and freeing approach. No matter where you end up, in this day and age, one thing is certain: you will have to do your own marketing. I repeat, you will have to create demand for your book. The days of grand promotional budgets and reading tours are all but defunct. At the end of the day, I truly believe that we write to write, because we love it, because there is no other path. If you get published, or if you publish yourself, good luck. Stand strong and look to windward!

~What does it feel like to see your words in print?!
It feels amazing. You just want to stand by your book in the book aisle and tell people about it. And then you're a little embarrassed.

~Boxers or briefs? (lol - you know I had to! ha!)
Answer: none of the above. Just kidding! Boxers all the way!!

Thank you so much for being on my little bloggy, Jason!
It's been more than a pleasure!:)

So everybody, get out there and pick up 
A Tale of Edgar Trunk

What are you waiting for?
You WILL NOT be disappointed...
...I wasn't:)


For more info and to get that book (you know you gotta!):
and you can become a FOLLOWER too!
Jason - a blogger, too?! woo hoo!


Aleks said...

cute AND write books? ill take one. lol. cant wait to get a copy of the book! thanks for sharing!

Ashley said...

I love reading this and gaining some knowledge about the process. Thanks! I will have to check out his book. :)

Brooke said...

Talk about an awesome opportunity! This is amazing. Thanks for sharing :)

Maegan said...

Oh how fun! I really need to go to those author signings, seems I always hear about them after they happen. I love book events!

Sounds like a fabulous fun read, and great interview with him!

Brooke said...

check you out! interviewing authors and all!
p.s. nice signature :) he he he

hubby said...

Oh noooo! Another man in my wifey's life. Love the book review. Awesome interview. Did not fancy the laat question though. :) Albiet, i agree with jason - boxers all the way!!!
I am extremely proud of you. Love you mucho my forever.