Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year "Empowerments"

It's a new year and that always brings the question of resolutions and "What do I really want this year?"

Words escape me. {I know, right. What?!}

I never liked new year's resolutions because when I can't keep up with them I feel like it's the worst failure of all.
I'm pretty "okay" with the Me that I already am. It's not at my perfect self-far from it.
I know there is room for improvement. I know I need to challenge myself to be more of who I really am inside.
I have within me to be the creation He wanted. He has more paths for me to discover. I just want to wait and see what they are. {Or am I supposed to make them happen for myself? I don't know.}

But this year, all I know is that I don't want to set myself up to fail.
I don't want to give of myself to people who don't want the best for me.
I want to build more friendships-have a circle of women that fulfills-what my husband calls- my "girly" needs and that want to be the best for me.
I want to grow in His word and have Him make me the best wife and mother that I know He's planted already in me.
I think that's all any of I ever really wanted. I think we may all want that in our own way, right?

Although those all sound like resolutions, they shouldn't be called that. They should be called, "empowerments" or something.

What are your empowerments? Not just for this new year but for YOU?


Pidg said...

Oh, I love it! It's funny me and you are on the same page again today...Empowerments are good...mine are more like "Please get back on the page"...{catchy right? No?} Haha!

AbsoluteMommy said...

Looks like you're getting out of that funk... Great job! I love the idea of empowerments! Lets all be more empowered in 2012!

Lara X said...

I agree they shouldn't be called resolutions... I know they'll be broken. I do have goals for 2012 though! I hope to have them all done by Christmas haha!



Darcie Santoyo said...

I need the same things! Girly time and Jesus time. But I don't like to make resolutions either so i havnt bothered thinking about it..

Brooke said...

"I don't want to give of myself to people who don't want the best for me." what a great GREAT statement!!!
I think I need to print this and post it everywhere!!!
This is a mistake I make way too often. I just got off the phone with my mom, feeling sad about lost friendships that still haunt me. The thing is I'm fully aware that they were people who didn't want the best for me and didn't make me feel like I could be myself.

you are a wise wise lady!

Manda Jane said...

beautiful post! love the idea of empowerments! And I'm so here for any 'girly' time you need swappy (long distance of course)! xoxo

Kristy said...

I will be quoting you in my head (and maybe in person too) ALL day!! I love your empowerment statements!! I am a MASTER at setting myself up to feel like a failure.. so much so that I bought (but haven't yet read... FAIL! haha) FAILING FORWARD. Gotta get outta the rut and keep movin forward! You're a rockstar, Nay! Aferall, you are the daughter of the King ;) Keep on, keepin on friend!!