Friday, January 13, 2012

that's what i'm talkin' about! {yup, you!}

Good Morning and Happy Friday!
I’m in a really good mood this morning…I came into work early and pretty much completed a project that is due next Tuesday {woo hoo!} , had a short morning coffee chat with my bloggy bff, and then started thinking... {yeah, I know...but this one's good!} I was thinking how I really really like getting comments from all of you.  They make me happy.  Knowing that you read my blog and you like my spur-of-the-moment posts...that's divine, baby!
Here are just a few comments that made me smile this guys make my days worthwhile and I *so* appreciate it!
Our differences only target how similar we really are, Nay as someone who is really private about my beliefs most of the time with this post had to step out and say AMEN as without God and his goodness we would all still be dust on the ground!
Neat little button on sidebar, I too am a Christian who blogs and feel like with all our religions we still have a solidarity where it matters and that is a wonderful feeling.
Hugs on Monday, this one made me feel warm and tingly inside!
{jackie b central texas}

Ever notice that the children's song, "Jesus Loves Me" works very nicely in all churches?
The children usually get it right.
{LD Masterson}

This is a genius idea! But of course, coming from you! Just went and 'liked' on FB and will definitely put up a button! I've been wanting to see if there were people out there in my area and make some new friends!!! Great job!
{Manda Jane}

Looks like you're getting out of that funk... Great job! I love the idea of empowerments! Lets all be more empowered in 2012!

This was such a great read. Oh the things that I would like to have been able to have told my younger self.
So glad I clicked through Amira's link & found your blog. We're now following & look forward to reading more.
{Jayme and Mendi}

what a fantastic post! It's so true that your one little word really has such a big meaning and is SO hard.
As I was reading I instantly thought someone else that I need to work on forgiving....then when you said you'd start with yourself I thought SMART lady! It's a good place to begin. I think we can be too hard on ourselves and forgiving us our own faults will help us forgive others theirs.

"Her" #2 is thankful for you too... 'specially today ;) I'm hitting the ground running!
See what I mean?  Why would anyone *not* want to blog?
When I need encouragement...
When I need a laugh...
When I need someone to tell me the truth...
When I need advice...
There's YOU! 

So, to you, I say,
Thank You...for being, well, wonderful you!
Have a wonderful rest of the day and an even better long weekend!
~ Nay~
ps:I did something naughty this!
Don't tell anyone, but I hijacked and took over Pidgapeg's blog this morning...she has no idea.  I somehow convinced her to let me have her log-in and stuff {she's so trusting bahahaha!} and got in there and did my stuff.  Go check it out!


Manda Jane said...

No, thank you for writing awesome stuff that is worth reading and being so supportive to all your blog friends out there!

AbsoluteMommy said...

This community of bloggers is amazing in it's support! I'm glad I could help bring a smile to your day!

LD Masterson said...

Happy Friday, Nay.

jackie b central texas said...

TGIF in every way, the things we appreciate the most are def the things we most take for granted until they are no longer there. First hand knowledge of that has taught me that being happy is not something you can "buy" or be "given" it is something you must cultivate every day and when someone acknowledges that they are well on the way to true joy!

Happy Friday to you Nay, wish every day of the week could bring a big smile to both our faces and if we work at it hard enough they will. All we have to do is let go of the things that make us frown and find one small thing to make us smile!
My smile today comes from your energy and eagerness to share your joy with the rest of us.

Pidg said...

Is there really anything left to say? YOU.ARE.SO.THOUGHTY.

What a hilarious and sweet surprise to find you painted my blog with sugary goodness. :) Love my bloggy BFF!

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Is blogging just so wonderful! Going to check out the hijack!

Maegan said...

The bloggy world is so awesome, and the comments and friendships, so wonderful! Great post :)

and, I'm super happy to see the SoCal Bloggy Button up - whootwoot!!!

Michelle {Daydream Believers} said...

New follower here :) You are totally right; the bloggy community is the best! Have a GREAT week!

Jayme and Mendi said...

So happy to share the love with you anytime! Love the's SO TRUE! I'm making it my most important resolution to stop doing just that.

Love your blog & love leaving you means so much to hear how much you appreciate them. :)

Have a fantastic week!

Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings