Monday, February 6, 2012

{#21} "Check Her Bloggy Out!!" {Up Mommy Creek}

Hi everyone,
Hope you had a good weekend...mine was busy but fun-filled!
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I had a really good time reading this post when I received it!  I love a good story...and this girl's life story is wonderful:)  I want to introduce you to my newest blogger-ette,


She is such a sweetie...and I loved getting to know her through our emails and putting together her post.  I'm sure you'll enjoy her too!

So here she is!
Who am I? 
Hmmm...this question is always a tough one! I'm Amy. I'm married to my best friend, Adam. We met while travelling in Thailand. He just so happened to be from a city 3 hours away from my hometown. How's that for fate?! I always joke we had to travel halfway around the world to find each other. Once we did, we enjoyed a carefree travelling lifestyle for a few years, but soon realized we had to return to reality and settle down. So we got married, got a crazy (but pretty) cat, and started our little life. Pretty soon after, we found out we were expecting another addition to the family, and in July our son Finnley was born. So now I am trying to figure out my new "job" of mommy-hood. 

What's my bloggy about? 
Well, once I saw that big fat plus sign on the pregnancy test, I realized that I really didn't know much about parenting at all. I started Up Mommy Creek because I figured I couldn't be the only one trying to figure it all out. It started as a way for me to explore all the wonderful and weird things that happen during pregnancy, but has become my little home in internetland. I still blog about parenting, but also some recipes, my attempts at crafts, life in general...all that good stuff.  It still shocks me that people other than my parents read it, but I love that it has allowed me to meet so many amazing women, mommys and bloggers. I don't quite know where it will go...I've never really had any specific visions for it. I just hope I can keep writing and learning from the bloggy community. It always warms my heart when I get an email from someone saying that they loved a post, or that they totally relate to my stories. That makes it all worth it. :)

My Ah-ha moment: 
I think I have had 2 moments in my life where I felt like things sort of "clicked" into place. The first was when I first travelled. I went on a group trip to Thailand, but I went by myself; I didn't know anyone I travelled with. This was the first time I ever did anything truly on my own. It was such a liberating and empowering experience. I was so open to all the beauty and wonder all around me, and I met so many amazing people. It was like getting a clean slate. It really changed me as a person. The second moment was when I first heard my baby's heartbeat. Words cannot describe the feeling of hearing that pitter-patter racing away in my belly. Even the doctor, who has probably heard it a million times, was excited. My husband and I lost our hearts that day for good. 

One thing that keeps me sane and happy? 
Escaping into a book is a sure-fire way for me to recharge my batteries. I have always loooved reading, and it continues to be a way I can escape and destress. Shutting out the world by curling under a big blanket with a mug of hot cocoa and a great book...pretty awesome. 

If you pop by my blog, say hi, and if you have a blog or shop, let me know. I love finding new awesomeness. :) Thanks so much for having me, Nay! 

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Thanks so much for coming by, Amy!  It's been lovely:)


ps:  I'm over at A Little Piece of Me for her Valentine's Interview, go check ME out:)

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