Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Just Because" to you...

Hey Good-Lookin’,
Yeah, I'm talking to you.
You, the wonderful person on the other side of the screen reading my blog (!).
I was thinking about you this morning.
How are you?

I wish you weren't so far away, you know.
I wish we could just meet at the local Starbucks or a Mom&Pop coffee joint and talk all day long.

I kinda need that today.
I've been wanting to talk.
Maybe cry a little.
Maybe even laugh until I'm crying.
You know, just be...

I could just listen.  Let you just talk about everything you need to talk about.  I won't even interrupt:)
Maybe we can even take a walk right when Spring has Sprung and see the roses bloom.
And maybe, just maybe, actually stop to smell them.

Love ya tons…
but you knew that:)
GFC may or may not be taken down tomorrow. 
More than likely though, I don't want to see the numbers anymore...
If you still want be neighbors {or stop and chat once in a while},
you can visit me at my other places.
{on the left side bar}


rororoyourboat710 said...

Text me anytime, even for just venting. Love u.

Kristen said...

I miss having girl friends that I could go to Starbucks with. One of us would cry, and the other one would find ways to make us laugh until those were happy tears, gosh darn it.

I really miss those days too.

Natassia Butler said...

Oh I so wish we were closer!!! I too would LOVE to just hang out with you!!!
ps- do it! just delete it! :)