Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love x10

I read
and Ashley has another blog called
She always has a one-week challenge for bloggers...
This week's goal:

I think this is something we all should focus on more - especially in this bloggy world.  It helps promote positivity and I'm all for that!

How can we "share the love" then?  Well, since today is
I thought I could put my ideas down in 10 ways, right?
Source: etsy.com via Renee on Pinterest

You know how sometimes you read a blog post that you don't agree with or you get a not-so-nice comment from another blogger? Just forget about it.  Don't get into it.  Let others' opinions, be that...theirs.  I know it's hard to do...but we can just step away.
How about that new blogger that is just starting out?  Why not invite her over to your blog to introduce herself to your readers?  It's good for both of you - she gets some exposure and you get a day off from blogging:)
Pick one day a week to do a shout-out on your Twitter page or Facebook page to your favorite bloggers.  Just because.  I love seeing my blog tagged or mentioned somewhere, anywhere...
Along the lines of #3 - how about a post dedicated to a shop or blog that you love or just heard about?  Not because there's a giveaway tied to it...not because of a discount code attached to the post. It's a way to give recognition for the hard work of a fellow shop owner or blogger.
Source: etsy.com via Renee on Pinterest

You know how one of your bloggy friends just loves owls (or chevron, or pink, or monkeys...), send her a little email (or handwritten card, if you can) with an image of it and a "I was thinking of you".  Brighten someone's day:)
Who inspires you?  Tell them.
Who makes you smile?  laugh out loud? tear up because of the tenderness of their post? Comment.

Loved this...because it can be so true...a new friendship is just a pinboard away:)

Pray for someone.
Last but not least...and it's really as simple as that.

I hope I've inspired you a little today...because everyday, I am inspired and in awe of all of you.
How will you "Share the Love"?


Earl-Leigh said...

I've met some great gals on Pinterest! The first thing I do is look at a person's "humor" board...if they have one. Great post!!

rororoyourboat710 said...

Sending u my love <3

Manda Jane said...

I love all of these! Great post. Inspiring others is always so important. And personally, I love helping out a new blog... because we were all a new blog at some point. I've met so many dear friends through this community!

Julie E said...

we are so totally fashion pinboard soul sisters. I love finding new bloggy friends and finding you makes me happy. :)

Mamasita said...

You truly are one of the most compassionate, kind, encouraging people I have ever met! NOT. EVEN. MISSIN. WITH. YA!
What a true true blessing you ARE!
Keep calm and visit Nay's blog!

Kristen said...

I adore this! It's such a great reminder that everyone else loves those little things in life just as much as we do.

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Nay... you did it again!
Love this!!
Thanks so much for linking up with such an important and uber sweet list!!

Nay said...


Kenya G. Johnson said...

I'll never ever forget your for #2. Blowing kisses from NC to CA.

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Well you know what I mean ;-) stinkin typos.