Tuesday, February 21, 2012

our children...

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Look at these children...

What do you see?

Innocence. Sweetness. Truth. Love.
That is what all children are...
But not everyone sees them like we do.  They see someone who is an easy tool for their perverse acts.  They think they can use and abuse these children and nothing will happen to them.

This is something that no child can get rid of.  The only way to make it go away is communication, protection...
Communicate with your children.
Protect your children.
Be a parent who will do anything to protect them.

I had to have this type of talk with my kids (well, to tell you the truth, my husband and I have been having this open communication since they could understand) just the other night.  There have been so many cases in the media lately on abuse towards children.  I have to explain to them what is good versus a bad touch - that any secret is a bad secret...I had to explain things I don't want to have to...
It makes me want to throw up.
It makes me want to crawl into a dark corner and cry.

It brings back memories that should have been forgotten already.  It doesn't go away.  It doesn't matter how many times it happens, how many people do it, how long ago it has been.  It still hurts.

I know I don't have to write about it for you to understand...
I know you would do anything for your child.
I know you are a good person.
But not everyone is like you and me.
And it has to stop.right.now.

This has been on my heart, in my nightmares, in my thoughts...and I had to just talk about it.

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Thank you.



AbsoluteMommy said...

I totally hear you! This had been heavy on my heart since 2 incidences here in Fresno. I don't know how anyone could harm a child. Peace to you that while you will never forget, you will move forward.
Love and hugs

Manda Jane said...

I totally agree and understand. I've been horrified by some of the stories in the media lately and it's a harsh reminder that our kiddos never get to old to talk to and we have to vigilant and watchful, with whomever we hand our kids over to.

Mamasita said...

Much love to you sweet Nay! May He grant you peace in your heart and mind and soul! Nobody should have to experience such painful acts... nobody!
You are a precious TREASURE sweet girl!