Thursday, February 16, 2012

scared much?

A little truth about me…
I sit around feeling sorry for myself.  I’m not always Miss Positivity – it’s impossible to be that way All. The. Time.

But it happens.
 I sit here sometimes and…
…think that I haven’t done what I was supposed to do by this age.
…wonder when it’s going to happen…a lot.
…wonder if I’m good enough. 

Deep down , in my bones, there’s something that says it’s not going to happen because I’m just not that good at what I “think” I am good at.
I constantly get asked,
“Are you writing?”
“Are you working on your book?”
“When are you going to start writing that book?”

I know I’m asked because "they" think I can do this…{and he loves me}
But can I ?
Really, am I capable of this at all?

Then I saw this in a magazine somewhere…and months later,  it popped up at me on pinterest…

Maybe I am just “scared to death”. 
I feel like that’s an acceptable answer to why I make myself think I’m not good enough.
{Yeah, that’s it…it has nothing at all to do with low self-esteem when it comes to writing…uh-huh – oh dear.}

But wait – you know those questions up there?  Well that first one –
Doesn’t me getting on my computer pretty much everyday and writing a post count?
{um, not so much, right Papá?}



Manda Jane said...

I think we all feel that way at some point. Last night while watching The Rum Diary I looked at David and said "shouldn't we be out there having adventures and living life at this age?" But the reality is, we are doing exactly what God intended us do at the exact time he wanted us to!

Kathy Schneider said...

I love that quote! Thanks for sharing :)

Rainbow Bekah said...

Oh I LOVE this quote so much! I'm in similar situation with my love of photography, so I found this post very inspiring! :0)

jackie b central texas said...

Some days being scared is a good thing, it makes us take a look at what is important and try and understand how to make life better by overcoming the fear of the unknown.

Have a good one Nay, you are not alone in your dilemma!

rachael said...

thanks, Nay... i love that quote. (and i think it applies to parenting too, right?) thanks for adding the covert robin button too!! xo

tricia said...

I'm caught in this, too, my friend. I'll be 30 this year and I thought I'd have certain goals met by this time ... until I stop to realize that I made those goals before I got married or became a parent. Life changes constantly and so do your goals and dreams. So, don't feel bad about what you have NOT accomplished ... just reset your goals and your deadlines. ;)