Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A story begins...

Every story starts the same...
In the beginning,
every moment is a possibility...
But it's those first moments...
the ones that take your breath away
the ones that make you think, "oh my gosh! this is really happening!"
the times that you start a new, refreshing one after you finally finished a bad one...
I have had many "once upon a times". 
Most of them ended badly. 
Others ended with {and without} regret
A lot of them started and ended with many tears on a pillow. 
And the other stories were recurring - starting, ending, starting again...

My favorite "once upon a times" in my life are now...what I'm living in this moment. 
I've decided to let go of those failed "once upon a times" and focus on the story my husband and I have built with our children.

We worked hard to get where we are.  We've been through obstacles, crazy roller coasters, being together-not being together.  And that was just when we first met when we were teenagers!
Our "once upon a time" wasn't supposed to happen in everyone else's eyes.
But our Heavenly Father knew that we had to go through a lot to get where we are now
 and has taught us to never take for granted what was the past.

So now I'm wondering...
Where will your "once upon a time" take you?

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Aleks said...

too sweet! i love reading your blog post!!

Grace Lynne Fleming said...

o my goodness... falling in love with your blog after this post!