Monday, March 5, 2012

{#25} "Check Her Bloggy Out!!" {My Overflowing Heart}

Hi Everyone,
Are you ready to meet the newest addition to the
You are?!
Well, then, here she is!

Welcome to

I know I've told you this before, but I have to say it again.  I meet the most wonderful women through PidgApeg's circle of friends!  Darcie is an absolute gem:)  She always has kind and true words to say and really makes it a point to make you feel happy and good.
I know you will really like her and I hope that after reading her guest post, you'll want more and more!
I know I did:)

Take it away, Darcie!

~Who am I?~
I am a 26 year old Momma/blogger/photographer. I have two kids or 3 if you include my hubby ;) We live in rainy Oregon with my mom in law. I call her mom in law instead of mother in law.. i think it sounds nicer. She's been a God-send and a great friend to me.

~What’s this all about anyway?~
My bloggy is pretty random. I've never scheduled a post, I just take it a day at a time and write about what's on my mind/heart. I share about my kids and the silly things they do, photography photos, and I share about the love I have for my Savior. I journal when I'm sad, and I write silly posts when I'm happy. I started 2 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter Azariah so that I could write about all the stages of pregnancy and infancy. Then it was used also for bible studies and a place to save my favorite scriptures. The only plan I have for it right now is to share more photography. But instead of so many NEW photos, I'm actually going to go through the computer and find all the pictures I've taken and done nothing with. There's so many moments I've captured in the last 8 years that I would love to share with anyone who wants to see.

Here's a post that was all about me:
Did You Know That

~Eye-Openers & A-ha! Moments…too many to choose!~
I've had many A-Ha! moments. I wouldn't know which to choose that would best describe my life. I've had that moment (and a lot since!) where I realize I need my God and understand his amazing never ending love for me. I do my best to be thankful for all that He has done, and given. I've had that moment where I realize having a baby is a lot more than I thought it would be. Like staying awake just to watch the babies sleep and thinking "wow I'm a mom!" Realization that Riah is two now and A-Ha shes a little person who wants to do anything and everything! We've had so many beautiful moments :)

~Picking 2…sane & happy!~
With all the craziness life can bring with a two year old and one year old under the roof, and that roof being mom in laws and the kids room being the living room, I'm only sane lately with Pandora (80s music, hillsong united, country) on and a Dr. Pepper in my hand!

Thanks so much for sharing this wonderfulness, Darcie-girl:)
I loved it!

Did you know Darcie is also into photography?
{I've printed this out and pinned it up in my work cubicle - just lovely!}
Here's Darcie's Blog/Photography Facebook page:
My Overflowing Heart
{She has a little less than 20 a little "Like" love is in order, huh?}

You can also check her out as
@dardartoyo on Instagram & Twitter!

Thanks again for stopping by and welcoming one of my blogger-ettes to our little blog-ilicious world!


Collie said...

I love the way you share Darcie, the kids are beautiful and you have a golden heart filled with love.

Nay said...

I think you're trying to make me cry...that was such a sweet thing to say Collie - thank you:)

Pidg said...

I love Darcie! And Nay! And Dr. Pepper! Woo hoo!

Darcie Santoyo said...

Pidg LOL!!!!!