Monday, March 12, 2012

{#26} "Check Her Bloggy Out!!" {This Little Life of Mine}

Good Morning…
Just so you know this time change is killin' me.
This is when I wish I lived in Hawaii or Arizona...
{aren't those the only states that don't make the change?}
I could go on forever about this new gripe of mine...but, let's not, shall we?

It’s Monday after all…
It's so much better to do this instead!
Today I get to introduce you to the lady who always writes me The best comments, sends me the
Sweetest emails, and always makes me smile with the posts she writes.
This girl knows how to make Anyone feel good about pretty much anything.
I am so very happy to include her in my little
Blogger-ette family.
I'd rather you see for yourself why she's so Special, though.  Here she is!
Introducing Maggie
Hi, I am Maggie.  I am a true country bumpkin that lives smack dab in the middle of a small town, but dreams of living in wide open spaces with horses, chickens, cats, dogs, you name it!  I am married to my happily ever after man, named Brian and am a stay at home mommy to miss Josie Kay.  Oh yes, and a new mommy to our golden lab Bailey!  My family is the root of who I am and is everything to me! Good friends, laughter and a steaming hot mug of coffee are the best combination I can think of!  I adore blogging and have been incredibly blessed by the response of some amazing women readers - every day it just gets better and better!! :)

I started my blog as a way to write my thoughts, stories, memories, pictures and ideas down not only for myself, but for other people to enjoy to!  Why not spread the love?!  I think it has continued to be that same type of an outlet for myself and in the process I have met some lovely individuals, and each day I get to read their thoughts and daily experiences too!

I think parenthood, and all of the nitty gritty details it entails, has been the most eye opening experience I could ever have imagined!  Never, in my wildest dreams did I think that my heart could feel so much love, compassion, worry and fear for one individual!  My daughter has my whole heart and each and every day I discover new ways to show her my love and she shows me her innocence, beauty an amazing smile and never fails to make me laugh!  I simply adore her! 

The one thing in my life that keeps me sane and happy is my HUSBAND, he is by far the most amazing man I have ever encountered - he has these dimples that are to die for and make me melt!  He, and coffee can make any day a GREAT day! :) Guaranteed! 

Want More?
You can find Ms. Maggie at
and on Facebook (under M.a. Hubbling)

Thanks again for being my little light, Mamasita:)


Mamasita said...

Looks great Nay :)
Thanks for having me on your blog! One quick thang: It's This Little Life of Mine... but This Little Light of Mine is absolutely precious! :)
No worries!

beth said...

Just have to add a comment...I am lucky enough to call Ms. Maggie my best friend and I have to give a shout out to her- she's a human sparkler...just a ray of sunshine on any given day. The best part is though, she's real...she has her tough days too and when she's your friend, she'll let you in and share that with you too...the good and the bad- and she cares about me with her WHOLE heart. truly- (and she helped me start my blog too...bless her- wanna check me out?
thanks Nay for giving us this platform!! xo beth

beth said...

Morning Nay, I'd love to be part of your bloggy family...don't have a button though (although I DO have a belly button.hehe)
What's a girl gotta do????
xo, beth

Vicki said...

Yay! I am a big fan of Ms. Maggie! She really does leave the *best* comments, doesn't she?!?