Monday, March 19, 2012

{#27} "Check Her Bloggy Out!!" {The Mrs.}

Good Morning...
Today didn't start very well, I'm home with a sick little girl.  My daughter has a fever:(
Thankfully, I can take time to be with her because I have someone new for you to meet...
and here she is!

The newest blogger-ette to join the family for
Who is she?
and what's her bloggy about? 
Over at The Mrs is where I escape. I escape into a world full of dreams, plans, and truth. My blog is an extension of me, and I love blogging. I host a linky party every Monday where I am transparent about my faith. Sometimes it's inspirational, and sometimes I need inspiration and encouragement. The hottest feature currently is my Mommy Thoughts Thursday. On Thursdays I ask questions about being a mommy. Seeing as I only have a few weeks left in this pregnancy, there won't be many more, but I do plan on revisiting these questions and telling my readers about my learning experiences. I enjoy crafting and redoing furniture. I also have a shop that I will feature often and share discount codes. Soon, I'm sure it will be a place to dump all my mommy bragging photos of my little one :) 
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Ashley said...

:( Hope she feels better soon!

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