Monday, March 26, 2012

{#28} "Check Her Bloggy Out!!" {Finding My Way in Texas}

Happy Monday Lovelies,
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This lovely chickadee is sure to make you smile.
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Ms. Jennifer
Finding My Way in Texas
I'm sure you'll like her as much as I have!
Take it away, girl!
Howdy Ya'll! I'm Jennifer, the blonde mind behind Finding My Way in Texas. Yes I'm blonde, and yes I have gotten lost a few times on the back roads of Texas, but mostly I write about fitting into my new life, my recent marriage and my crafty adventures. Hopefully soon I'll be adding DIY Renovations to the mix :) I'm a chocolate loving, coffee addicted, book devouring, fabric hoarder! Most of the time I can be found puttering around the local thrift stores, hanging out at my favorite old-timey soda fountain shop, chained to my sewing machine or experimenting in the kitchen.
My Most recent obsession is quilting, and the reason I am often chained to my sewing machine (click the picture to be taken to the post).
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I also crochet lots of things, some of them I sell and some I give to friends and charities.
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I’m opening a new online store for all my creations called LoneStar Lovlies! I’ll be announcing the grand opening soon on my blog and Facebook.
Tell me about an eye-opening experience…
When I was 16 I had the opportunity to go to Romania with an organization called Teen Mania. It was the most intense, crazy, miraculous, life-changing 2 months of my life. That country marked me. We did a lot of work in gypsy camps and orphanages. As a group we saw miracles and lives changed forever. For me personally, it was the children that stole my heart. There were 3 in particular that I was ready to smuggle back home to keep as my own. One of the coolest things about the trip was the timing of it. I was there in the summer of 2000, and the country was getting ready for its first democratic election since the fall of communism in 1989. All the churches were celebrating 10th anniversaries. It was an incredible experience and I know what someday I will get to go back.
What one thing keeps you sane and happy?
I read. I read A LOT! I easily go through 3-5 books a week. Ever since I was young I’ve loved to read. For me it’s a chance to “escape” to another place. Being sent to my room was never a punishment cause I always had a stack of books waiting to transport me to where ever I wanted to go. There is nothing I love more than curling up with a good book, a cup of coffee and getting lost in a book for hours at a time. Of course life usually intrudes and requires me to clean something or cook something or wash laundry… you know… the boring bits of life! I don’t mind too much though, cause the book is still there when I’m done and can jump right in where I left off.
Thanks for having me Nay!

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