Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blog Positivity Giveaway {with After Nine to Five Decor!}

Hi Loves,
After being ill for the past three days, I am back with the living {well, kinda}!  Being sick, especially this week of all weeks, was definitely not in the plan.  I had so much to talk to you about for Ashley's
I always want to keep you all positive and empowered in this journey through blogging.  Being sick this week made me so sad.  Laying in bed, sniffling and coughing, didn't make me feel that positive at all.
But then, I remembered that I had something special planned for you and that made me feel better.

Look at these prints? What do you think?

These are just a few of my favorites from Ashley's After Nine to Five Decor shop!
{My birthday is next month - hint hint}

Aren't they great?!
And, guess what?
Ashley is here today...
Hi there!
I'm Ashley from After Nine To Five - a lifestyle blog where I talk about my journey through life with self-employment, food, and photography. I also own a shop called After Nine To Five Decor where you can find tons of fun prints and wall decals to decorate your home with. In the future, we'll be expanding to greeting cards and other home decor such as pillows.
and that's not all! She's giving away two prints of your choice to one of you! {Or maybe one for you and one for a friend - now that's positive thinking...}
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck to all of you!
And thank you, Ms. Ashley, for this awesome giveaway and for being you!



Amira said...

oooo la la, I love the Alice in Wonderland and Hunger Games EVERYTHING!

Kristen said...

I need the cupcake print! That is too cute

Kristina Torrejon said...

I love the princess and dinosaur ones for the boys love dinos and my daughter is definitely a princess! :)

Natassia Butler said...

I really like the "be you" print!!

Thanks for this giveaway ;)

Brittany said...

i love ashley's shop, and im totally lovin the 'be you' print! :)

Kathy Schneider said...

I love the Hunger Games things!

Brooke said...

Nay! I'm so glad you're starting to feel better.
These are lovely prints I would LOVE them in my house.
I thing blog positivity week is amazing.

awhartness said...

I like the Hot Air Balloon "Another Place" - 8x10 Print.

awhartness said...

I shared this giveaway on my Facebook.

Becca said...

I like the "Be You" and "Life is a journey" prints :)

Melissa Enault said...

LOVE the prints their very cute! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!