Friday, March 30, 2012

coffee chat to last you another week...

Hey there.
Sit down...yes, there is fine.
Give me a sec, k?...I'm just finished brewing some coffee.'s your cup. Do you want anything else with that?
So, how are you?
Oh, I'm good...
No, really.  I'm "fine".
No, I don't really want to talk about it. 
Let's just talk about you today.
What are your plans this weekend?
Oh, that'll be nice.
The kids are on spring break next week, so the hubby and I are taking the week off, too.
Yeah, it's way over due.  I think every ounce of me has been wanting a week off for a long time.
I know, right?!
Being a working momma, a wife, an employee, a "anything you need?" person is hard work, but all in all, I'm thankful.
So, how's your blog or business doing? Anything new and exciting going on with that?
Oh sure! Of course, you can promote it here!
Just shoot me an email and I'll promote the heck out of it:)
Yeah, it's soriano.renee{at}
Sure:) Think nothing of it!
So, I'm thinking I'm not going to have a lot of internet time next week.  I want to focus on the kids and hubby as much as I can while we're all off.
What do you think?
Yes, it'll be nice to be "unplugged".
Of course...I'll be back.
You know there are other blogs you can read while I'm away, too.
Yes, I read all those blogs on my sidebars.
Yes, both sides.
I promise, you'll love them too.
Oh, you have to go? so soon?
Oh, thank you.  It'll be a nice week.
Yes, I'll miss you, too.
Thank you, I needed that.
Bye sweetie!
See you soon!
linking up with Ms. Alissa...and it's her birthday today:)  Happy Birthday, Coffee Chic:)


Natassia Butler said...

I am doing ok... I am glad it is friday and was able to have a little break with you.
My blog is sorta slow but I haven't been spending as much time online as I was. I have been trying to refocus on my little one and my husband and honestly, me too. I still love blogging and reading others too. I just need to find the time :)
I don't have a whole lot planned this weekend (I don't think... sometimes I forget oops)
Anyway, I hope you really enjoy your week/break next week! You will be miss but I will talk to you soon!!!

Kristen said...

I'm so in that "fine" space too lately. Just finished up talking about dreams on my blog this week, and I got really hung up on what I wrote about fear getting in the way of dreams. It's seriously haunting me. Coming up though is my big spring cleanse, and I'm hoping that has some serious healing powers, because I'm ready. Oh, and I've been thinking a lot about blogs, blog sponsorship, that whole enchilada can of worms.

And I'm jealous you're going to be in San Fran. I was born across the bay, and that city has always been magical for me. So glad you're taking a break to breathe and become more than just "fine". Hugs, friend

tricia said...

Glad you're taking some time off. I'm trying to get through my reader ... 400+ posts to catch up on. I've been gone a little too long, I think. Happy weekend, sweetie.

Amanda said...

Hi. I am new to your blog (as well as completely new to blogging lol). Its a lot of fun but a lot of work to get it out there! I really like the look of your blog as well as the content. My blog is :)

beth said...

Nay, hope your week of spring break is going swimmingly! Happy Easter too~ xo beth