Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Date with Spring - wanna join me?

Can you feel it?
The change in the air...
That little spring in your step...
The sun shining on your face when it's not terribly hot or chillingly cold...
Everything just feels good.

No, not yet?
Well, I'm hoping you will soon.
I, for one, cannot wait.
Spring is almost here!
In California, there's never really a "winter". 
We don't get snow in the city
{maybe hail here and there when rains extra hard}
and we definitely don't have "seasons" like everywhere else in the country.

But when Spring is on its way in...
...I don't know. 
I just love life a little more.
Spring means I get to look forward to
everything in bloom...

I'm not talking about flowers, really.
It's really just my mood.
I just feel lighter and happier.

Does this upcoming season do that for you too?
{Wait, maybe it's just me...oh please tell me it's not just me!}

So, hurry on up calendar.
I want it to be March 21st!
Let’s get this Spring "sprung" already…
you liked that, huh? :)


Brooke said...

that image is SOOOOO pretty I think I have to pin it :)

you're so right, spring is definitely a mood changer. I've been a little giddy as the days stay warm, the sun is still up at 7pm, things start to peek through in green instead of brown.

happy almost friday!

Mamasita said...

Spring does A MILLION wonderful things for my soul!!!! It is like renewal - the sun on my face :) We have been really spoiled this week with GORGEOUS weather!!! Lots of fresh air and early to bed for us!
Thanks again for featuring me on Monday!!! You da bomb! :)
Love you,

Helen said...

I adore spring! Its like it makes a new person out of me. The sun is streaming through the windows as I write this and it couldn't make me happier.