Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Needed: R&R for Nay

Let's let out a deep breath together, shall we? Doesn't that feel good? - your stressed shoulders relax when you do that every once in a while.

I am in desperate need of some rest and relaxation.  I don't want to be bustling around, running to do this and that...
I just want to r.e.l.a.x. , take a little vacation from my busy-working-mom-yes-I-can-do-it-all life...

I was thinking about that last night as I finally got to bed. 
"You need *real* rest, girl."
As I lay there {trying to just relax and fall asleep already}, I thought about hammocks.  I know, weird, right? {You know me with my random thoughts...} Hammocks are just waiting to be laid in.  They are made to envelope surround you in just put you in relaxation mode.
Source: via Renee on Pinterest

So I've decided...I am now adding one to my wish list for that house I buy when I win the lottery. {and I will...or I'll work my butt off to get a house again...mind over matter, you know}

I would probably have a couple of places to put one up, too - I liked the balcony idea and, of course, one in the backyard.
You know what else I'd do?
I'd have a couple of you over...that way we can sit together in one and just relax our sunny afternoon away.

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what you're loving today.

And, hey!
Anyone have a hammock laying around
that we can put up?
I'll come over!
I'll even bring something yummy to eat :)
{You know I had to figure food in there somehow!}


Heather McCurdy said...

I was able to relax just reading your post :)

Manda Jane said...

I've been thinking of doing a similar post about how I need a 'momcation' - vacation from being a Mom. Don't get me wrong, I love being a Mom... but there are times when I need to get away, recharge and have some me time! I'm there as soon as you get our hammocks!

Fallon said...

I am totally in for a hammock party! We registered for one for our wedding, and never got one. :( I really like it when they hang like a twin sized bed on the porch (Bh&G). Not like i would sleep on my front porch, but i would totally relax!

rachael said...

oh, i so actually took a (much needed) deep breath when i read this :) thanks, Nay!

Ashley said...

We have a hammock that I am SO excited to bring out when the weather stays warm! They are truly super relaxing.

I'm also in need of a little R&R, too!

ashley /