Friday, March 16, 2012

No Way Can I Miss This....

Good Morning Sweeties!!
I know I am blogging somewhere else this morning, but
I can't *not* have coffee with you on Fridays...
It's our thing, you know?
Fridays wouldn't be complete with our Friday morning coffee dates!

So, how would you like your coffee today?
You get to choose!
Source: via Renee on Pinterest

Isn't that just the cutest?
So, I think I'm going to take an Irish one with an extra shot, if that's okay...
I definitely need it.
Did I tell you that this time change is killing me this week?!
I don't like waking up in the dark - I think that's what it is.
And, I've been talking to my phone alarm every morning.
"Okay, okay, I'm getting up..."
{Funny, I know...}

How have you been dealing with it?
It's been nice around 5pm's still super light out, so I feel happy about that.
I'll get used to it eventually - I just like to complain about it a little.
I didn't want to forget this...
{'cause I always forget to tell you stuff and then think, "remember to tell them next time..." and then I don't.  A vicious cycle, I tell ya...}
Next week is going to be so cool!
Isn't that just neat?! Check out what it's all about here. 
I love the empowerment that Ashley promotes on her blog.  I am so proud to be participating:)
I hope you will, too:)

One more thing before you have to head off...
Did I tell you that I'm in love?
I have fallen hard for two things I found this week
{wait, who am I kidding? I've fallen for A LOT of things this week!}
But, no, it's real this time!
Look at these!!!!
Source: via Renee on Pinterest

and this...

and, oh wait...just one more!
Source: via Renee on Pinterest

Aren't they just...
{Yeah, I like to dream through the world of Pinterest...wait, you don't?! ha! yeah, right...}
Okay, okay...I know you have to go.
You have a billion and one things to do today.
And as always, I'm just procrastinating 'cause I don't wanna do my billion and one things...
But I'll let you go....
But not before this
{insert hug here}
{whispered in your ear}
"You are a wonderful person.  Don't forget."
See you next week.
I'll try to have that naughty-ish food next time:)
Want more? Have another cup with Alissa and more fabulous ladies


Jess said...

You're so sweet.... I love the coffee graphic and also, I love your sense of humor.

I'd choose irish too.

And I also talke [read: sometimes yell] at my phone alarm too. don't feel bad. Your phone can take it.


Kristen said...

If it weren't for that silly work thing, I would be down for some irish... but since that might get me fired and subsequently evicted, I'll go for a latte =). Time changes way suck... I'm used to leaving the gym in the morning to sunlight, and now I'm just barely greeting the sunrise again. But, A and I have been able to take after work walks again, so I guess it's ok. Thanks for making coffee!

Alissa Circle said...

I love the idea of blog positivity week!!! And I'll take one of each of those bracelets...... adorable!!!! I would tell you that I've never had irish coffee but I'd love to try it.