Monday, April 16, 2012

{#30} "Check Her Bloggy Out!!" {Brown Sparrow Studio}

Happy Monday!
It's start of the week
and I'm really thrilled about it today!
About a month ago, I had featured one of my dear bloggy girlfriends. She always makes me smile with her comments.  I got a comment on her CHBO post from a close friend of hers who had just started blogging.  She asked to be featured as well and that is when my newest bloggy friendship began!
She is someone I would want to sit at a kitchen table with and chat it up all morning with dozen of cups of coffee.
She is that sweet and wonderful:)
And here she is for you to get to know! 

please give a warm welcome to
hi friends! my name is beth~but i go by many other nicknames-like elizabeth, em, emmers, ellen, pooh, little bit, bertha and onie-each one hilarious and dear to me for different reasons.
  i saw this saying once  "a child well loved has many names". i love nicknames- i do. to me they are terms of endearment. if you hang around me very long-i guarantee i will find one for you!
i'm excited to be a guest on Nay's blog today and hope as a fairly new blogger (since oct. of '11) to find a few new readers and also find a bunch of new blogger friends!

 i married my junior high boyfriend and i have 3 kids i'm caaa-razy about. they are all young adults. (2 boys and a girl) but no one is married yet so we have all that to look forward to.
i have done a ton of different jobs in my life, including working as a floral designer, doing art fairs for many years, cleaning houses, owning my very own home decor store- (that's going to be fun to tell you about sometime) and now i work part time for a photographer. this job is a dream come true for me! my boss has become one of my best friends and she and i have so much fun together you can hardly call it work. i am passionate about photography, so my job brings me endless joy! i am blessed enough to work just 3 days a week and so have lots of free time to do the myriad of other things i love to do-like:

make handmade things, (my shop on etsy is on a break right now)
garden- i've never met a flower i didn't love!
write-thus the blog...and i'd LOVE to read about your life too : )
arrange flowers for special occasions, when i have time

photography~ have camera, will travel. my big sweetie   bought me photoshop CS5 for christmas and girlfriend is busy trying to learn how to use it- it's haaaaard!
go junkin. stop at yard sales. thrift shop shop.
my blog is a mix of what i've been up to, updates on the land we recently bought that's going to be our families recreational haven for generations to come (we hope) and the plans i have for turning a pole barn into our cabin, what's makin me happy on any given day and tons of photographs. i really hope you'll find it worthwhile to take a look!
xo, beth
So, whatcha think? Isn't she grand?!
Go show her some newbie blog love for me, k?
You can find her at

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Mamasita said...

YAAAY!!!!! Love Love Love it all Bethie!!!!
Nay - you da bomb for introducing sweet little souls like Beth and I to the blog world! What would we do without you!
Love you both!