Monday, April 23, 2012

{#31} "Check Her Bloggy Out!!" {The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife}

It's Monday, Loveys!
Aren't you happy?!
{Okay, pretend you}
It's time for
which means it's time to meet another blogger-ette:)
She has been a doll!  When she contacted me about my little feature, I was so happy to have her come over to talk with you all.
She is very wonderful and I loved reading about the love she has for her hubby and her life.
So refreshing!
I don't want you to wait any longer, so here she is!
Hello. I’m Melissa, I’m 26 and have been married to my husband for 7 years in April. We bought our first house this year and things are starting to go our way! I have a crazy personality which can go both ways loud and fun to quiet and boring. My life has ups and downs, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m ALWAYS busy, which gives me a lot to blog about. I am very crafty and have many hobbies, but I am also very tech-y and design websites, and do a lot of print design. I am in love with God, he is my strength and my refuge! I am a pastor’s kid, but my parents aren’t your ordinary old school pastors. I LOVE life, and if you would like to know more about me, just read my posts!

 I started my blog back in 2011 just writing a couple posts that year and not telling a single soul because I was nervous about what other’s would think. It wasn’t until this year when I told my family about it that they encouraged me to get the word out there. I got so many compliments on my writing, which was weird, because I never though I could “write”. So I put the blog out there and it has been coming along, but It’s hard work to get followers lol.
My blog is about my life. I am just a girl in love with many things including God, My husband, crafts, baking, sewing, couponing, books, and that’s exactly what I write about in my posts! My CRAZY, FUN, BUSY life.

I grew up in a home that rarely cooked. We were always eating our meals together and don’t get me wrong I had the best of childhoods but to get a home cooked meal at my house was rare. We were always on the go and therefore we ate meals that were fast. So when I got married I didn’t know any better and did the same thing my parents did to me, didn’t cook. It wasn’t until I got to work for my dad at his church where I started spending more time at home then at work that I really got into baking and cooking. I learned that I could make a mean apple pie and my husband LOVED it which totally shocked me to say the least lol. I started cooking and baking more and being a good housewife, which I found out I totally LOVE. I’ve had so much time to explore so many hobbies that I was missing in my life.

What makes me happy? That would be my husband! He is truly my best friend, I laugh the hardest when I’m with him. We sing in the car and go on date nights every week. God designed him specifically for me and he definitely keeps me sane in this crazy thing we call life.
Isn't she the sweetest? 
Please go give her some love, k?! 
Have an awesomest day, loveys!


Kristine Foley @ TheFoleyFam said...

Love both you gals! SO fun getting to know you both better! XOXO

Carole said...

I thought you might like this little quote about happiness. Happiness