Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It's funny {not "funny ha ha" - just "funny, that's weird"} that I can't put words to this post.  Well, I will.  But, you know what I mean.  It should be pretty simple, really...
I've decided to try to make the right choices.
There.  I said it.
Last night I started reading "Everyday a Friday" by Joel Osteen.  It is very uplifting and pretty much makes me think,
"Duh!  Of course I should be doing this!"

Why should I always {well, almost always - always is such a strong word...} start the day with a
Ugh! or Grrrr!
when I could just start it with a smile or happy thought?
Don't "they" {who are these people anyway? ha} say that it takes more energy to be angry or negative than it takes to be happy or positive?  Well, I need to keep my energy levels in the higher end.  With this hectic (for me) life of being wifey, mommy, employee, blogger - I need all the energy I can get!  So if being happy and embracing that happy positive mood helps in the energy cause...why not, right?

Just because there are people (not at home, on here, in my family - wonder where? hmmmm...) who don't like me (what?!) or want to bring me down...I don't have to let them steal my joy.
Want to talk behind my back and make up lies?
You like being nice to me and then minutes later say something mean about me?
You'd rather think you are so much better than me?
Go ahead - do what you gotta do.
But you know what?
I'm going to be extra nice, extra smiley...pretty much extra annoyingly sweet and happy.
I'm going to put extra joy out there for all to see.
So There!

Do you know why I've decided this all of a sudden?
{Okay, this has been said before.  I just have to keep reminding myself is all...}
Someone up there wants the best for me.  He has given me a good, loving, faithful, funny, pretty darn cute husband.  He's given me two precious children who adore me and think I'm just great.  He's helped me overcome many trials & tribulations.  He has opened doors I never thought I could walk through, let alone open.
I am blessed.
He loves me.
My hubby loves me.  My kids love me.
I think you guys like me a little, too.

So after all this, I think I've remade a good decision.
What are you going to choose?
{Yes, I'm taking you with me on this.  You didn't think I'd want to do this alone, right? Duh!!! lol}


Anjhee LA said...

i love this post!

Kristen said...

What do you mean there are people in this world who dislike you??? I call foul on that one, I'm pretty sure it isn't possible. I love that you are choosing joy. I think as soon as my coffee intake is back to normal, I too will choose joy. Right now, I'm choosing to try not to be perpetually grumpy.

Great post!

Samantha said...

Stopping by from Nat's! I LOVE choosing JOY! and I love this post!

Have a blessed week!


Brooke said...

i like you more then a little!

Nicole Buckingham said...

Following ya from Nats. So great to see ya choosing loveliness in all its forms and to be reminded it's a choice easily made.


LD Masterson said...

Be happy, Nay.

beth said...

I'm in, I'm in.... I'm choosing joy too whenever and however I can- and if I lived just a tiny bit closer girl, I'd be at your door today with a big bokay of ridiculously ridonculous rananculous!!!!!

xo me
p.s. i got 2 new readers and several more hits on my blog daily after you let me star on your blog. Thanks friend!!!

Natassia Butler said...

Oh Nay I love you and this post! I cannot imagine anyone not liking you girly! I am in- I have been working on finding JOY and being joyful, I need to simply choose joy. You are so very right, God wants what is best for us and everyday I need to wake with a better attitude too.

Thank you friend and thank you for linking up with me!