Thursday, April 26, 2012

going old school - snail mail anyone?

Source: via Gaelle on Pinterest

This week I have been sending birthday cards in the mail and other little notes...and it's been nice.
Snail mail is cool.
I can just imagine the look of surprise on the receiving end.
Actual paper mail that says something nice.
Not a bill.
Not grocery store promotions.
Not paper junk mail.
Just a little love in an envelope especially mailed out to you.
Yes, I love emails.  The instant gratification and answers within minutes
(sometimes seconds from you fast typers out there...)
But a handwritten note always makes my heart smile a little.

With social networking like Facebook and Twitter - and the easiness of computers and email...
What do you miss from
"back in the day"?
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Kristen said...

I love snail mail too =). I think it's just as much fun to send it as it is to get it!

beth said...

Oh Nay, what a great subject today...and both of these photos are wonderful! Maggie was MORE THAN excited about her bd card from you!!! She said your words nearly made her cry--- you are the best!
xo beth

Helen said...

I totally agree with you. I miss snail mail. A handwritten letter sometimes just makes the world feel that little bit better.