Friday, April 13, 2012

How about an afternoon cup instead?

Good Afternoon Loveys,
Sorry for the delay in writing to you. 
I've been on a caffeine high all morning {and into the afternoon} and so I've been oh-so-productive today at work!
Instead of our usual Friday morning coffee chat, it's going to be an afternoon one, k?
Like that, huh?  The spontaneity of it all...which is so not me!
With the routine out of whack, I apologize in advance for any rambling at our date today {oh, and the lack of concentration...what? j/k}
If you were here...

I would be talking your head off...yes, more than the usual. 
I have had way too much coffee.  I had my regular tumbler-full this morning, but that wasn't enough - oh no, never enough:)
So I went to the campus cafeteria at work and saw all of this...
pure beauty, right?
 And, yes...I picked that first one...can you read it?
"Rocket Fuel Blend"

But, wait...
  If I was going to be bad having more coffee,then why not pick up an espresso choco-chip muffin...had to.
I only ate the top...I promise.
A little interesting fact about me:
Other than my usual job duties, I'm also a Notary Public...
{yes, I'm talented like that...}
I had a notary appointment this morning and she brought me these...
they smell soooo good, too.
and this!
yay! I think I may have to go get an iced coffee this weekend!
I was so thrilled, you guys!

Of course, that's nice and everything, but listen to this:

This morning as I was walking into work, I thought,
"It's such a rainy morning, how nice would it be to have some flowers at my desk."
and then I thought,
"I wish I had a little extra money to go to Starbucks, too."
And, voila!
My good, wonderful Father in Heaven provided!
Thanks, Big Guy!

A few hours later, I had lunch with an old boss of mine {and now great friend} and ended the lunch with what?
Yes, ladies!  More coffee...
I loved the red...nice huh?
Today has been amazingly wonderful...
Who says Friday the 13th has to be bad?
How's your day been?

Loves ya bunches and bunches of oats!

I'm linking up with Alissa from Rags to Stitches today
my doing first
life rearranged
aren't you proud?


Anonymous said...

woha!! you're running on all cylinders baby! that is so cool about the flowers and starbucks from your client :) xo - Candice

Kristen said...

I so wish I was drinking coffee right now... all your coffee talk has me jonesing!

...Oh, and as a fellow Notary Public, I can tell you I never get that kind of thank you for providing Notary services, but I wish I did!

Brooke said...

Rocket Fuel spells DANGER LOL
I'm a 1/2 caf girl for fear of speaking faster then an auctioneer while one full caf!

A friend at work is reading "the Magic", now while I don't believe that it's actually magic there is definitely something to be said for putting out positive thoughts and gratitude and getting it in return. You clearly put out the positive :)


Mamasita said...

holy coffee batman!!!! :)
that muffin looks delic! and if anybody deserves flowers and a little Starbucks cash-o-la, it's you my darling! ENJOY! <3
lots of love to you,

Manda Jane said...

that muffin sounds amazing! isn't it fantastic the little 'surprises' that come to us when we least expect it!