Tuesday, April 10, 2012

an inspired theme around here...

I must confess...
I should have thought of it sooner...
What a great idea it was...
to take a week off!

I'm feeling so much better than I did a week and a half ago.  I was getting a little overwhelmed with the whole blogging thing and I was ready to quit.  I know you've heard this before here and on other blogs:  I don't want this to become a job.
I already have a job {well, jobs...} and blogging was turning into a chore.  I didn't have anything "exciting" to say...my thoughts were just blah.

But my attitude has changed and the blog blahs are gone, loveys!!!

I'm inspired to do more right now.
I have little plans - big plans - and even medium-sized ones!  There is a lot of "stuff" I want to do right now.  I know I'm being pretty vague right now, but I'm pretty thrilled.
I'm finding out who I want to be....what I want to create for my life.

This week's theme will be "Inspiration". 
I'm going to focus on being inspired by everything around me.
Aren't you excited for me?!
What will your theme be this week?


The DIY Dreamer


Fallon said...

Isnt it amazing what a little break can do?? I am very glad you are back friend, and are feeling inspired!

Kristen said...

I'm so glad that your blahs are banished! I love your new banner too, and can't wait to hear more about the "stuff" you got going on!

Kristy said...

Hi Nay!! You are amazing and inspiring and so wonderful~ SO ~ I have awarded you with the Liebster Blog Award!! Come check it out on my blog!! http://livinglifeunsimply.blogspot.com/2012/04/german-award-awarded.html