Friday, April 27, 2012

A little late for coffee...

Oh. My. Goodness.
I am so late today for our coffee date!!!

Please please please don't hate me, okay?
Lunch turned into a working lunch - then I had an unexpected walk-in - you know, then one thing lead to another...and now I'm finally able to sneak in a little "hey!"
It's been such a weird week!
I've been posting late, my routine is off...
I am not good with change.
How do I change that?
Please give me some pointers.

How are you?
How's your week been?
Other than the ugly routine change in my life, I'm pretty happy.
I've been reading "Everyday a Friday" every night and it's so very eye-opening and mood-lifting {is that a word?}.  I'm actively working on being happy and positive and not letting anything get me down.  It is slowly working - but it's a process.

Um, what else?
Oh! I'm a little excited about this...
{who am I kidding? I'm thrilled!}
I'm co-hosting with Ashley from After Nine to Five on Sunday for one of her monthly link-ups.  So come back on Sunday to see what it's all about and to check it out!
Oh and on Monday, I'll announce the winner of the Birthday Getaway Giveaway...!!!!

What else, what else???
Just stuff...
I have a lot of stuff I have questions about lately regarding blogging:  When is a blog considered a place that other bloggers would want to pay to sponsor it?  Should I start asking for paid sponsorship?  Would they just laugh? Oy!
Is it okay not to have a niche on a blog?
Are there bigger plans in the future for Cover to Cover?  Do I even know what they are?
I don't know the answers but you know me...I'll figure them out {and, then of course I'll share them with you!}

So my plan is to write a whole bucket load of posts tonight and get organized!
Wish me luck:)

See you Sunday:)
Want a "not so rushed and just normal" cup of coffee or tea?
Go see Alissa!
She has way more cups to share with way more interesting bloggers!


Kristen said...

Even your rushed coffee dates are fun, Nay. It is so cool that you are co-hosting a link-up party, and I can't wait to hear more about how you're choosing joy!

As for work, I don't know what to tell you. I like routines too, and I get very not-nice when my routine is busted. But I know you're going to start a new routine, and it WILL get better!

Claire Kiefer said...

I'm drinking my coffee right now! Unfortunately, it's a little rushed, as I'm about to fly out the door to a baby shower. But at least I have my caffeine!

*Change is always hard, but I think you'll adapt before you know it :)