Monday, May 14, 2012

{#33} "Check Her Bloggy Out!!" {The Seeley Family}

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day and you were spoiled way too much!
It's Monday!
...and it's time for my

Which means it's time to introduce you
to another blogger-ette!
Say hi to
I am thrilled to have her on and don't want take time to have to explain why:)
She's wonderful and you'll see why!
Take it away, Ms. Alicia!

I am SUPER EXCITED to be here on the lovely Nay's blog!!!
I first contacted Nay about a button swap, and as you all know, she is wonderful!!!
So being able to post all about me here, is such a fantastic opportunity!!!

Well first off I blog over to the The Seeley Family, and there I talk about my family,
mommy-hood, crafts, recipes, giveaways, and just plain 'ol life!!!
You will find posts from, My surprise Christmas gift, my Crafts, or my latest Tattoo
My little fellas
I am a mom to a house full of boys!!!
 I have a wonderful tender hearted 7 year old; a lady killer, flirty of a boy 5 year old; and a stubborn headed  hysterical 2 year old!!!
Silly man, and LOVE of my life!!
 I am married to my high school sweetheart, and will be celebrating 9 years in July!!
I am a outdoorsy, gossip magazine reading, mormon, tattooed gal!!!
I am the girl who likes to be in control, but never is because I am the youngest!!! 
But I still like to try!!  Very OCD, and get irritated if it is done wrong!! Everything has a place!!
(Sorry honey, you knew this when you met me!!! )
I kinda sound B****Y, but I promise I really am not. 
I am pretty laid back, go-with-the-flow girl. 
As I am the only girl, and I need that girl time every once in awhile!!!
 I am able to sell Paparazzi Accessories. 
Which is an amazing business that sales $5.50 accessories
You can get necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, hair accessories for only $5.50!! 
What woman does not want to look beautiful on a budget!!!
We even offer little girl accessories starting at only $1.00!!
To see all the wonderful styles we have to offer head over to: 

I was sent some questions, and here are my answers!!!!

 ~Tell me about the yummiest food experience or eye-opening life experience...your own A-Ha! moment...
I am not really adventurous in the food department. I swear every time I try something new, I always get sick!! But my all time favorite food I could have is Carne Asada!! It is a flank steak marinated in the most delicious savory juice. And I have only found them at my local Mexican stores, plus gives me a chance to work on my Spanish!!! That in a tortilla, and sliced avacodoes!! MMM MMMM MMMM!!! 

~What one thing in your life keeps you sane and happy
My family keeps me sane and happy!!
Nut when they start to drive me crazy I head up to my room, close the door, and read, paint nails, and listen to my I-pod. That solitude always seems to calm me down, and re-focus!!! 
Thank you to Nay, you have been such a great bloggy friend, and love coming to your blog everyday!!!
And thank you to all of her wonderful readers who have stopped to read this post!!!
I told you!!!
If you want to show her the love {as only you, my wonderful reader, can give}, go see her at:

and Alicia,
I've so happy we've "met".
Thank you for being on!

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