Monday, May 21, 2012

{#34} "Check Her Bloggy Out!!" {All Things Blogs}

Hi Loveys:
It's time for another welcome to a new blogger-ette for
and I hope you enjoy meeting
Here she is

Hi I'm Sarah! :]  I'm the writer and crafter for All Things Blogs, I have a dog named Pepper, shes the sweetest, skittish, dog in the world! :) I love her lots.
I am NEVER that busy which give me TONS of times to think of things for my blog and make crafts!
I don't have very many hobbies, but among those are, creating, writing, and playing with my dog :].
I love and am learning to trust God more and more <3!
 I love learning new things about people and life, also very soon there will be a Joanns 10 minutes away from our house! I cannot wait to go shopping at Joanns so much more! :]
I also love taking pictures!!
Check out my blog to learn more about me, Pepper, and my life!

My blog is a cute little craft blog, I host giveaway occasional and LOVE to have people guest post and to guest post on others' blogs!
I started my blog originally to blog about giveaways and blogs, but now I have turned it into a craft blog, and I found out that I like creating things MUCH more!
I have hopes to have this blog grow bigger, and start charging for advertisement, but until then I still do ad swaps for free!
Kate @ A Creative Cookie  has given me some helpful tips, and even made my header for free! She is so sweet and we have become blogging buddies!


I have tasted many yummy things, but probably the things I love most are smoothies!
I love the fruityness (if that's a word) of smoothies, I love chocolate a lot, but probably I love fruit more!
Favorite fruit would have to be plums!
They're so juicy especially if they are ripe, even the skin is juicy and sour! <3 :]
I have never heard of a plum smoothie, but I would love to try one, can't wait for plums to come back in season! :]
I love to read peoples blogs and see the things they have created!

What keeps me happy, would have to be God, it keeps me sane and happy knowing that he always loves you!  I am currently growing closer to God daily, I love to read his word and go to church!  He helps me along even when I have a bumpy spot in the road!  :]

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