Friday, May 4, 2012

coffee! coFEE! COFFEE!

You didn't think I'd forget our coffee time, did you?
Just because I already posted something today?
Anytime there's coffee involved and blogging, it's a must to be here:)

So Happy Friday Loveys!
Sit down. Sit down.
Here's some coffee with a little extra love in it:)

How was your week?
Mine was...

On Monday, it was my birthday and I got so much extra love that day.  My sweet as sugar co-worker made me my fave cake {chocolatey chocolate cake with homemade frosting!}.  My hubby gave me flowers and a wonderful just.the.right.words card.  At the kids' karate class, given my very own karate outfit thingy. 

Guess who's taking karate now?!
Me! {I know!!}
And on top of now having a karate class on Mondays and Wednesdays (which totally kicked my butt by the way), I also started a Cardio Kickboxing class for Tuesdays.
Yes, what am I thinking?!
Going from no exercise whatsoever to all exercise three days straight...yes, I am crazy and yes, I am definitely feeling the pain.  Stairs and I are definitely not friends right now.

Oh, and on Tuesday, The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife came over to this here blog and is giving away a $10 Forever 21 giftcardHow cool is that?!  {Ends Sunday, by the way - wink wink}

Then the best thing happened this week, too! {How can one week be filled with so much awesomeness?!}.  My bloggy bff started blogging again!  Yes, THE Pidgy is back! YayYayYay!
It's been a great favorite kind - full of surprises, revelations, new stuff...
{I'm a definitely a Choose Joy kinda girl now...aren't you proud?  Or am I sickenly annoying? lol}

Hope your week was wonderful and thanks for letting my talk your ear off (again).

Your Nay♥

Another cup? Really? Great!
You can have more coffee (or tea...or Dr. Pepper?) with
Alissa, our fearless coffee leader, and many more bloggers:)


Kristen said...

I'm so proud of you for starting to work out, and for doing something that you and your kiddos are totally gonna bond over.

Your choose joy attitude is more annoying in the "That's exactly what I should be doing" sort of way, than in the obnoxious way =)

Mamasita said...

Happy Happy Friday sugar plum!!!!

Beth said...

Wow- good for you! I feel totally lazy now. :)
I'm so happy your birthday rocked, and I hope the classes continue to rock!

Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

Wow! That's ambitious, good for you! I'm sure you'll end up loving it, after the initial pain wears off. Happy Weekend!

Brooke said...

Nay! Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday week!!! I think it's really cool that you're taking karate! I've often thought about doing that, good for you! you go girl :)