Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your comment in response to this morning's post:
"You stop it by finding something you love to do that the general population, for lack of imagination, simply labels, "exercise." It might be karate or kickboxing or yoga... or maybe it's NOT and it's swimming or hiking or dancing... or maybe it's not that either and it's a simple walk around your block with the hubby and your babies a few nights a week after dinner. A good solid bout of laughter burns calories and is a great way to work your abs. A good bear hug to someone you love works your upper back. Pushing your little one on a swing works your arms. 10 minutes of tag with your kids is cardio fun for the whole family. The point is... Once you find that thing, your thing, and you let yourself love and look forward to the experience of this beautiful new thing then... everything will fall into place. Exercise can't be a chore, inspired from a place of anger and self-loathing; it won't make you happy with yourself. But "exercise," as a fun thing you do for yourself or with friends and family, will infuse you with a deeply rooted love for this sweet and brief life. Once that love comes first, love for yourself quickly follows and you'll become more caring and conscious of how you treat your body. And your body will change, but more importantly than that, how you see it will change, too... Know what I mean, jellybean?"
No, really, wow.
You just gave me a swift reality check in the rear.  You told me what I need to hear in that "just do it" way.
And for that, thank you.
Wish I knew who you were, so I could give you a virtual hug....

And a letter to that someone special we all dearly love as women:
Dear Aunt Flo,
You sure bring out the crappy side of me, don't you? 
You started your visit this afternoon and with what I wrote this morning....
I can tell you're going to be meaner than usual this month.
Thanks...a lot.
{and to you, I'm not saying it nicely!}


Kristen Seuberling said...

I am so happy that you were blessed by Ms. Nice Anonymous, and not one of the "Not Nice" Anonymouses out there. Brilliantly put on her part. Wish I had thought to say it.

Hope you can keep the Aunt at bay with some Karate tonight. I promise you, if you go, it will help with the misery. And you won't feel like anything is a waste. It's a double win.

And I promise that out of solidarity for your quest for self love, I will not drink the wine tonight. We're in this together friend.

Ashley said...

I loved this comment too when I read it earlier!

Beth said...

Wow...a supportive anonymous quote. What a breath of fresh air! :D
And so true.

Nichole @ Yeung Mother Hubbard said...

Awe that is sooooo nice of Anonymous!

Angie said...

that IS nice! and it actually kind of helped me, too...


Anonymous said...

"Sticking together is what good waffles do."