Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hello? Speak Up!

The month of May is almost done -
which means that summer is on its way
coming by in full swing.
Kids out of school.
Days at the beach.
Weekend afternoons at the community pool.
Crafts with the kids.
Summer reads.
And a kick-off of sorts.
The Ellie Life

I'm going to join in!
Are you?
Maybe you can write a letter to your younger self?
Or a letter to yourself now...
You could write a post about how you empower other women.
Or you could write something along the lines of how you remind yourself how wonderful you are.
I am a Speak Now representative.
I am very proud of this project.
As a representative, I hope that I am inspiring you to be the best you can be.
You know why this is so important to me?
Each day girls of
every age, ethnicity, culture, neighborhood, lifestyle, and faith
doubt themselves. 
They doubt that they are
...and that is not right.
It's something we can all change.
Starting today.
I hope you do that for yourself every. single. moment.
You deserve it.
You are loved.
Just thought I'd remind you.
oh! and if you want...
today you can join this link up:)
 It's a "Bloglovin'" Hop - my fave kind!

The DIY Dreamer

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Kristen Seuberling said...

Just wrote my post for the speak now link-up =)